TSMC suddenly come up with a 12nm: the original is the fourth generation 16nm

TSMC is running on the road of advanced semiconductor technology, the current flagship 16nm, is mass production 10nm, two or three years will be launched within 7nm, 5nm, but according to Taiwan media reports, TSMC also plans a 12nm process.

According to reports, TSMC called 12nm, in fact, the existing 16nm process of the fourth generation of microfilm improved version, switch to a new name, aimed at countering Samsung, GlobalFoundries, SMIC and other rivals 14nm process advantage, firmly control the 10-28nm between OEM market.

28nm era, TSMC has been revised to reduce costs or improve performance, in order to suppress competitors, such as 28nm process has 28LP, 28HP, 28HPL, 28HPM, 28HPC, 28HPC + and many other versions.

Today's 16nm after continuous improvement, the leakage rate is greatly reduced, the cost has greatly improved, for which TSMC renamed its 12nm, transformed into an independent new process, naturally more attractive.

So far, in the development of the fourth generation of 16nm, the line width of the leading capacity of Samsung after the miniaturization of the capacity of the company, the company has a large number of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., , 12nm baked also can understand.

It is noteworthy that the mainland semiconductor manufacturers in the completion of 28nm layout, the next target will be the card bit 14nm, SMIC is expected to mass production by 2020 14nm, Huali Microelectronics also planned production.

In addition, TSMC 7nm will also launch two different versions, respectively, for mobile devices, high-performance computing, to meet different user needs.