Apple strap playing with flowers | Recharge can also change color

Apple has never stopped the development pace of new technologies. Recently Apple has two new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for approval, is likely to appear in the latest products in the future.

The first patent for a ' transparent structure filled with reactive liquids. Through different voltages, you can wear the strap of the device will display a different color, such as used to display information or to change color depending on the operation.

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According to the patent, users can also use various combinations of a variety of colors and fonts, directly power the contents of straps should be on display. Apple also mentioned in the patent, and may mix several colors to display. Mixture of blue and red, there will be a purple state.

Even more interesting is that different colors can represent different meanings, such as flashing red can be represented to a call reminder, users simply touch strap can be connected directly to the phone.

The second patent is the new Apple design Watch strap can be connected with the computer and recharging.

You can see from the patent, this strap is provided with a plug, the user can charge the smart watch directly on your computer. In patent documents also noted that new strap can replace data cable supports data transfer, smart watches and computers can achieve data transfer between devices.

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Smart Watch device is spit Groove too short a battery life is one of the most serious problems if the Apple patent come true, you should be able to fill this lack, after all, this eliminates users carry a charger problem, assuming of course that you have to have a computer, according to small series of speculate, is Apple computer.