Interview with Intel Designer PC | Upgrades are mandatory requirements

On September 24, 2016, the theme 'VR pioneers in the field, inspired by the amazing race blasting ' Intel Designer PC Power VR application developers share will be held in Beijing. As a sponsor, Intel, Intel was detailed for site visitors with ' 7' (Intel Core I7 processor and Intel solid state drives 750) standard Designer PC solutions. Custom build the programme developed specifically for VR Group, is currently configured for the best PC VR developers, helps VR developers to improve efficiency and speed to achieve creative inspiration. After the meeting, we have long Tang Wu Junjie, brand strategy Director, founder and CEO of choice brand Wu Hao, choice VR game producer Xu Dong Fang, China media interview with the VR project Marketing Director Jiang hua, in VR applications, games, movies and computer designers have answered and explained the improvement of. Below is the content.

VR pioneer in the field, inspired by the amazing race blasting

Long Tang Wu, do you think that CR is VR short Board and assets, but hardware basically meeting our needs, in the future development of hardware or what do I need to do?

Dragon Wu Junjie: ' our cooperation with Intel very closely, we name Dragon day cat was first launched the concept of designer brand, Intel and we did a lot of exchanges, the first ' double ' concept to designers of computer. Just you said of hardware for VR no what too big of bottleneck, just choices Wu total said of, we play VR game of when, he on game of requirements may with HTC this head explicit, or with I7 added General of SSD on enough has, but real development of when, this configuration is absolute enough of, because involves large of like just ginger total said of has a scene suture real-time of, this with came a Taiwan with 10 nuclear 6950X of processor, distribution Shang TRT 750 of, for what does? Is the artist's pursuit of fluency. Second, HTC now that this picture indeed is still very strong for us, the software is far from extreme to us, can't say our hardware has run out, we select only the most stable in the present circumstances, the most efficient, fastest hardware to match the development. VR must be pursued in the future similar to the logic of the RVG, storytelling, scene of the world, world of feeling. '

Long Tang brand strategy director Wu Junjie

' In play VR of when, I not know everyone play didn't play had world of Warcraft, also has a domestic game I forget is what, is only two paragraph had figure of when not read article of game, to we brings is big of problem, SSD of performance must to strong, if not strong of words had figure of when must will read article or Caton, this is immersed type game, we see with display think Caton are has is upset of feel, if we immersed to a world in found this world pause has 3 seconds continues to ahead go, This is a bad experience. If you really feel a little Cottonwood, then 750SSD is definitely not. '

Will the choices VR total NG's question, what are the future development trend of store will resemble VRGA, about how long does it take?

Choices Wu Hao: ' now currently VR development status, on entertainment this block, whole rhythm is like game world, we does not think VR has do Internet cafes stage, actually now currently view VR all of experience shop of development mode, independent store development mode according to first of Arcade Shop of form and first of Internet cafes form, LAN, is early Internet cafes out of when has red alert and legend odd man biography, that when of Internet cafes is by competitive computer to hosted of, Now VR equipment and equipment of that time period is balanced, product prices to reflect the form of the game is actually quite elementary. Currently everyone can in some platform upper and lower contains of VR game most is Demo rarely can play to heavy degrees of content, currently VR industry overall development of status, PC is based on currently VR industry in most perfect most full of part, only need do some products upgrade Diego generation on can completed VR of rendering, but actually in VR real peripherals hardware Shang, industry in VR hardware compared ahead, software compared behind of. Now VR based on software agents, hardware basically at present we tested, including the most direct hosting is now a few things, PC, today will complete VR equipment launched to present requirements, up to the requirements, but said that based on the late development, I believe that might have or need to upgrade hardware. But current software is the beginning of the current VR production. We believe that VR game no game logic at all, now most of them are shot, shoot, there is a saying in the industry, killed hundreds of millions of zombie VR birth, current VR game is boring, will have a VR boss two years later, but I think there's a year's development. '

Founder and CEO of choice brand Wu Hao

Xu say create VR games need to be to what extent? Based on render time pressures in which part?

Choice of Xu Dong Fang: ' when we were playing the Paladin of the earliest you think the picture is not particularly, to the present time, we play VR games, you don't know what kind of quality are you think VR game probably is the fact VR games now special authentic feeling of the picture is far from true. The graphics are needed on a very long road, this process will require hardware support. From development of angle,, we see these picture, like I must with to I7 processor and so on, we development of when on hardware of requirements also to more high, we see scene in, like we house in of lights as came in of when will playing to people of silhouette, if timely operation of when on CPU pressure very big, we will ahead of do a thing, put fixed lights playing to fixed sofa of projection we calculation good then rendering to everyone, we in game client in only need operation dynamic lights on can has, This is a difference. Another difference is that the PC end of the traditional high quality especially in the VR is not feasible, because VR is a double system, that is the biggest difference, the speed of its operation, operation of all things is twice times the magnitude of the operation, we are in the process of research and development on PC demand is particularly high.

' Render pressure on hardware, we are traditional CPU, GPU, hard disk, and so on, high VR, you must use some logic, this calculation involves a lot of CPU, more true to higher CPU pressure. '

Choice of VR game producer Xu Dong Fang

Ginger always the excuse China media, later VR video PC requirements to what extent, with the increase does have some commercial video ever? Some specialized interfaces directly implemented synchronous stitching?

Hua Jiang Hua media: ' a simple ratio can generally understand a VR video production capacity is about 6 times of traditional video, if we want to achieve the perception is the traditional video 1K, could actually handle materials up to 6K, watch 2K if you want to achieve, when dealing with the requirements of the machine above the 8K level, but said the material itself. There is no doubt that VR Visual video requires real film with CG and special effects is fully integrated with, the requirements of the machine is 6 times the material effects, particle effects and 6 times times the operation, as well as CG 6 times and three-dimensional arithmetic, later rendered it takes as much time and 6K or 3, 4 times times, it takes a long time. More importantly, we found a particularly unhappy things in practice, performance not enough machines, and production staff in great pain, slide a frame-like activity, relatively large impact on the work process. '

VR China media project Marketing Director Jiang Hua

' The distinction between industrial and consumer goods. Basically VRPC function provides one-click stitching on the world, but for consumers to use, but for industrialized completely useless. We offer one-click stitching once had objects worn joints will help. If it is placed in an unfamiliar environment if the houses get bigger or smaller when stitching problems. We shoot VR shooting to beat the light, must have a crew, Panorama, and these people do, must be used to erase in the post production. So for a professional team, provides one-click stitching equipment itself has little significance for us, now technically has been reached, we can abandon the world called VR video camera, we used the Red Dragon, Red Dragon, movie-level cameras, can be taken separately, the last is the same. '

Ginger sum choice VR of Xu of China media, our company is in both content development and game development, is used in a large number of computers, computer designers to produce the kind of feeling or what the mix is going to put a better computer, from your point of view?

Hua Jiang Hua media: ' you just ask the computer questions, one is immediately changed, just performed one operation, is a designer told me that we, the boss gave me a faster computer, no overtime the next two months, immediately changed. For video production for us, the waiting time is two, one is tolerable, I finished all rendered, regardless of how long it will take to render a machine or a night, and arrange to rest, according to the producer's funding ratio, cost much faster if you want, I added money machine could render, and it is followed. Important if during the operation can feel Caton, is not smooth when you enter the command, this is that we cannot put up with. A response immediately and wait until response threshold is 0.4 milliseconds, for the production of visual artists have a great impact, that we probably need to be replaced immediately. '

Choice of Xu Dong Fang: ' a is think in terms of efficiency, I have just outside and peer exchange, I said our scenario is already large, our public service time to 15 minutes, he says your time is short, I take half an hour, he thought I was unbelievable speed. My stylist, especially my techniques, added a light, fine tune this thing have half an hour to wait for the results, might forget to change something, efficiency greatly slowed the progress of the game, our designers will produce a great deal of emotion, the requirements for fast computers, such sentiments, if slower, we will often appear in the work. '

The four guests in VR and television areas made by the answer, we found that VR is currently in content production as well as in the areas of application development, still at a relatively early stage, the application scope is quite narrow in film and television. In hardware support VR making aspects, through using Intel cool core I7 processor and Intel solid hard disk 750 standard of PC solution programme, can is good of should currently VR, television, aspects of hard needs, through based on ' double 7' of Designer PC for VR industry chain of all link injected powerful calculation force, regardless of is VR developers also is VR experience who, are can has handy of tool, common opened a new of VR times!