Ten Ancient Chinese emperors quirks: Yuan emperor preference group sex

April 6 news, the ancient Chinese emperor is the symbol of supreme power, the world is sitting on them, commanding the people of the country. Although there Wenjing, Kangxi and Qianlong and other revolutionary ruler, but also no shortage of mediocre generation due to the imperial culture very harsh, the palace courtyard have isolated, but also makes some of the emperor infected with extreme weird habit.

1, Emperor Yang - pedophilia

Emperor Yang (569 ~ 618, 604 ~ 618 years reign) in dissolute emperors can be considered notorious significant.

He ascended the throne after a number of satisfied beauty: third wife, nine concubines, twenty women VII, eighty-one royal wife, a total of more than 120 people he raped my wife I do not say, but also wide search underage girl set in the palace for their own sexual immorality. his most perverted sexual orientation, particularly like messing around with boys.

But some boys tend to shy uncooperative doctor how thick they match up, he invented a car, just put a boy, the other party can not move lock, sexual intercourse when the car will shake themselves to meet Yang Guang lust.

Yang Guang also allows the artist to draw down their sexual situation, suspended the palace to enjoy. As he repeatedly Yangzhou absurd romantic brilliant things, but also in the civil widely circulated.

2. Qing Emperor Xianfeng Yi - foot fetish

Qing Emperor Xianfeng AiXinJiaoLuo `Yi (1831 ~ 1861, 1850 ~ 1861 reign) is famous Yehenala husband.

His side is not a lack of beautiful concubines, but many of the Manchu concubines have let him / 'fatigued /', and then he will be interested in moving to a Han woman's body, especially those / 'Sancun lotus /' Women's feet are.

Once valet told Xianfeng, there is a very beautiful widow surnamed Cao Xianfeng I heard very curious now to watch and it really shows this woman looks the same good, fair-skinned, like a pair of eyes full of youthful pools;.. Make the most Xianfeng excited, she has a pair of very delicate feet.

Pretty embroidered satin shoes cross painted lingering neck duck, toe is shining charming luster of pearls, under a string of pearls is vivid erotic figure, shoes lined with dizzying incense crumbs, if faint scent absent to waft, endless reverie.

Since then, Cao widow living in the palace, received special favor Xianfeng, who face respectfully call her palace the empress, then still behind Cao said her widow.

3, Five Dynasties South Han Liu Chang monarch - voyeurism

Five South Han king Liu Chang (942 ~ 980, 958 ~ 971 years in office, formerly known as Liu Jixing, huh) not only amorous, but also especially like the 'babes'.

Once he spotted a street Persian woman, this woman looks Feng Yan coquettish, and thoroughly understands the surgery room, then it was his favorite, called up within the palace, called 'pro-pig.' 'Mei pig' and from the palace to find 9 sensuality same woman for him to play, collectively known as '10 Mei woman. '

Liu Chang has a big weird hobby is like to watch sex scenes between men and women, and people better. He got a lot of free time on social lazy palace, the palace and the girl together, to remove their clothes, a piece of promiscuity .

He and 'pro Pig in the side view, 淫兴 big play as a man to a woman to engage in defeat, there is huge reward;. Ruonan is woman get lost, the consequences are serious, LIU Chang will call him useless, ranging from castration, were re-fed cooked peeled tick leopard.

4, Huan Yuan emperor duly posts Harmony Hill - group sex addiction

The last emperor of the Yuan Huan Yuan emperor duly posts Harmony Hill (1320 ~ 1370, 1333 ~ 1370 reign) is a top big womanizer.

He got the Western monks, to consult them in the surgery room 'sort out divining stalks children play' method, by adding learning practice, which really increase in bed. Then he gave him the Mei Xu will be introduced a 'spiritual development method' (ie practice different postures and body position during intercourse) monks. To this end, duly summoned a lot of joy posts Harmony Hill Liangjianvzai palace for himself 'practice', kinky play merry day.

Most make him feel great harmony with the ministers or obscene sex, do not avoid the monarch, a male and female nudity, bare buttocks in a room tease, neither divided nor speak surname level hierarchy of seniority, 'we engage in a ', it is a veritable' monarch fun '.

Because properly Huan posts Mu Seoul 'role model', the harem was very promiscuous woman, many concubines and rape sink a monk, and even then there is a history of unheard of 'rules': all within the rule of the woman married age, regardless of beauty and ugliness, height, must give the monks sleep once called 'open red', until the monks had enough, before being permitted to marry their home.

5, according to Zhu Hou Ming Tsung - bisexual transvestite

Ming emperor, many bisexual men and women-take-all, which Wuzong Zhu thick (1491 ~ 1521, 1505 ~ 1521 reign) for the most.

Zhu thick dissolute to even hotel girls, widows, pregnant women are left off, once and called a horse named pregnant women to engage in a miscarriage. Zhu thick also like 'Wife Swap', and the Minister's wife of adultery. Not only that, he likes prostitutes, outer whoring; feel not good enough, then go to 'steal', disguised as ordinary people, eviction seduce a woman, it really puts a single surname old man's hand got two beautiful concubines.

After they get caught, the angry old man they are sold. Zhu thick very angry, let the old man with his two wives to accompany their own sleep. Zhu thick palace still dedicated 'leopard' as being promiscuous. Great room bed sleep seven or eight people, and he often cross concubines group.

Usually ships two beautiful women to accompany sleep, but more can be happy when he was with the greatest interest in Nanchong phase Huan, mainly Jiang Bin, Xie tiger cents Channing, etc; And Jiang Bin's wife let out a Zhu Zhu thick according to the most thick. abnormal or like eunuchs, often playing sex games with them. once he spotted a boy in the field, trying to shift the band palace castrated.

6, Tianqi Emperor Zhu from the school - love Rubi

Tianqi Emperor Zhu from the school that is the apocalypse emperor. Since childhood tortuous, relatively isolated, has been the lack of fatherly and motherly love, cause he was always a child grow up, life can not get psychologically weaned, so ignoring affairs of state, only I know play to play, but also for the nanny Madame Ke extremely attachment, regardless of how etiquette stipulates that Madame Ke can never leave.

Because he strongly count on the nanny Madame Ke and her huge pair of breasts grow to a teenager but also suck her nipples, suck her milk, and Madame Ke's lover (also called 'to eat') is illiterate, genital defects and lust eunuch Wei Zhongxian desire for power and money, then later authoritarian Wei Zhongxian will come out ahead.

This characteristic habit Zhu school, sex is a typical psychological metamorphosis.

7, the Western Han emperor Liu Ao - addicted addiction aphrodisiac

Queen's famous EMPEROR Liu Ao, that is, the mermaid and Zhao Hede sister, Liu Ao pet her son.

Mermaid 'the body will be crisp', Zhao Hede 'boneless', make Liu Ao intoxicated. Sisters take turns Shi Qin, often three bed Yin Yue. Because of this, even the harem clouds Liu Jia Ao edge do not rely on. in addition to good mermaid Hu Mei surgery outside, but also contribute to formulate a sexual aphrodisiac, and this will take a drug addiction, quit also addictive.

Every time he went to bed with the Zhao sisters would come on one, fun in the gentle but Liu Ao only 45 years old and he died, it died in the taking aphrodisiac overdose on it. At that time he and Zhao Hede bed, after serving aphrodisiac engage in the night, when the dawn actually found dead in bed. It is said that when he died, semen flowing lower body more than the entire bed were dirty.

8, Southern Liu Song emperor Liu industry - incest addiction

Southern Song emperor Liu industry waste (449 ~ 465, 464 ~ 465 years reign) incestuous addiction, he should put his sister summoned Sanin princess palace.

Sanin princess was present with his compatriot siblings and already married, Liu industry puts her summoned to the palace, not to retain the home, both had played a married life, with food live, with chariot travel later husband know this, the attempt to kill Liu industry; Liu industry will conspired with his sister, the brother and killed.

In addition to incest with his sister, Liu industry also his pro-aunt to the new Miss Princess raped its court life very dissolute, chaos, he often let many concubines clothes off, get together, for he turns around sex.

He also likes to play sex games, so that a number of women out of a man, or a woman more than men do; his concubine, ladies engage in endless, and then forcing them male dogs, the Rams do have a ladies because he refused to take off. clothes for male dog waste, was hit immediately beheaded.

9, the Qing Emperor Tongzhi contained Chun - transvestite prostitutes

Historically emperor lot like prostitution, such as Xianzong of Prostitutes unique situation bell, Huizong courtesan Li Shishi out of sympathy and affection of a generation, Ming Tsung often bring men to ectopic fucks; but finally even his own life to get thrown away , I am afraid only of the Qing Dynasty emperor Tongzhi contained Chun (1856 ~ 1875, 1861 ~ 1875 reign) a.

Wong Chun would have contained a Houalute's, but his mother, Empress Dowager Cixi did not want them to lead a happy married life, and the other concubines Zhao Xing also blocked.

So often set out soon with night eunuch Zhou Daoying the palace, to the South City area prostitutes haunt pleasures, who seek comfort in the kiln sister, often to visit a prostitute before dawn quietly back to the palace, and finally a sexually transmitted disease, lower body purulent sores, commonly known as venereal disease, painful death; posterity according to records at the time that it is the syphilis.

10, Emperor Ai Liu Xin - off a sleeve of addiction

Among the Han emperor, from the Han emperor Liu Bang began homosexuality is very common, in which the Emperor Ai Xin Liu (1 ~ 25 years ago before the first 7 ~ 1 year before the reign) for the most.

The famous story 'off a sleeve of addiction' is from his gay and DONG Xian.

Liu Xin said that one day wake up, still asleep DONG Xian, Liu Xin DONG Xian clothes under pressure in the body, he could not bear to wake each other, even took out a knife from the bed to the sleeves cut off, quietly out of bed. This thing, Liu Xin Princess Palace imitated a lot, for the United States in cutting off a sleeve, want to discuss their favor.

DONG Xian Liu Xin is too love, and once they even put his throne passed to the Minister whom great surprise, of course, but in the end because too many people and not interfere with success. At the same time DONG Xian is not a good stock, he has a sister, and he looks almost happy to discuss Liu Xin, also gave Liu Xin.

This woman in bed it will serve people, which makes Liu Xin night captivated, as she closed the next day Zhao Yi (second only to the Queen). DONG Xian sent sister and took his wife out of the contribution, couples two and three people take turns to accompany Liu Xin sister to sleep.