The first phase of products eligible investors highly recognized | Pu'er two great circle holding on line 28

  • January 28, the second part of the great circle Pu'er trading platform holding a large circle Pu'er It will be formally launched yesterday released the official announcement that the second installment will be holding a public subscription to raise Jan. 25 -! - Between 26 date, January 27 Day for the public to raise with numbers, the day will be a great circle Pu'er results raise public announcement.

    Since the first phase of holding on Dec. 10 on-line, 6 products have a several times increase, which most talked about Bobby Chen now has a number of classes chapter of the congregation to raise the price of nearly 8 times! I believe that with the great circle Pu'er first On line two collections, will usher in a great circle Pu'er blitz climax.

    As the first fusion 'Internet + tea + financial' mode of trading platform, big round Pu'er platform from the beginning to create widespread attention through cooperation with Jiangsu trading venues Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Pu'er achieve a great circle 'registration, transaction, settlement 'three separate trading patterns, to provide investors with more protection. December 10, the first of six collections, once on the line, then touted by the majority of investors, 6 products daily limit for several days. As of January 19 Old comrades Pasha 33.30 yuan, is 5.39 times the public to raise prices; Cheung Yuen Wu Yi 33.50 yuan, is 3.95 times the public to raise prices; Chen Sheng No. ban chang 149.69 yuan, is 7.77 times the public to raise prices; six Dasan 64.91 yuan, is 5.10 times the public to raise prices; Shimonoseki Jingmai 41.44 yuan, is the public to raise the price of 7.67 times; the tea tree 21.56 yuan, is 5.08 times the public to raise prices.

    Early huge gains also makes a lot of profit taking in the near future emission, the market has entered a period of adjustment. But six Dasan He opened and the tea trees daily limit today, Shimonoseki Jingmai rose 9.23%, and Cheung Yuen old comrades Pasha Yi Wu rose more than 4 points, only Chen Sheng No. ban chang was up, today's disk, the basic trend indicates that the end of the adjustment, the great circle Pu'er six products are expected to new heights attack. And with new products coming on line 6 , prices will also begin six great circle Pu'er products bring a huge boost, big round Pu'er is well-deserved annual investment star!

    Great circle Pu'er coming on line 6 products are Shimonoseki trees and old material, to be listed on the reference price of 3.85 yuan, the old comrades to understand over the reference price of 5.78 yuan; Zhen No No. bluestone 5.54 yuan; fighting record one hundred Toru 7.32 yuan; years Taste Diamond 6.55 yuan; Puccio board hill 3.77 yuan.

    In addition, it is understood that the great circle Pu'er in order to better provide customers with investment experience, the line of the old and new users are given different incentives on new products, which will undoubtedly make the already popular big round Pu'er platform adds a bit of heat.

    If investors have any questions, please call the customer service phone 400-928-2200 Pu'er great circle, or add QQ 800059292, by professionals to answer your questions.