Australian students 3D printing multifunction smart prosthetics limbU

Recently, students from Griffith University in Australia TroyBaverstock developed a 3D intelligent prosthetic limbU printed on the prosthetic covered with sensors, can serve as a medical diagnostic tool, activity tracking, mobile phone charger and personal entertainment systems, it even It comes with colored LED lights.

It is understood that this wonderfully designed inventor TroyBaverstock originally studying psychology at the University of Queensland, and received a bachelor's degree, but later because of his relationship to mankind and the future of this technology is quite fascinating topic, and therefore turned to the Health Sciences graduate Design and engineering.

'With few exceptions, current prosthetic design still maintains utilitarian appearance, basically only consider its purpose. Although today in medical technology have made great progress, but in the prosthetic field, capable of matching technology Progress is still limited to the range of science fiction. existing technical conditions have been enough to support us to explore new forms of prosthetic and function, and the only limit is our own ideas, "he says. limbU prosthetic That's why this 3D printing is also It equipped with a replaceable beautiful shell and lighting effects, so that the wearer can fully express their own personality and appearance intact.

For a student who, 3D printing is clearly the best invention of its products starting way. It not only makes the production more efficient and customized, but also far more affordable prosthetic similar. He estimated that the cost of materials is about 200 manufacturing limbU dollar, he uses industrial-grade 3D printers University, for a total of about 60 hours to print

For limbU prostheses, the walking ability is only a small part of it can provide functions which many sensors embedded in the body, it has a lot of health care and convenient features, such as tracking the progress of rehabilitation, etc. In addition its internal motion sensor It can help the doctor track limb direction, movement and other issues, all of which enables doctors to further optimize its recovery program.

However, there are even better. 'LimbU inside the intelligent electronic components can be connected via Bluetooth with the phone, and show users daily exercise intensity, speed and amount of exercise, etc.. LimbU also be able to monitor the altitude, direction and GPS coordinates, as well as temperature and humidity, in order to provide daily activities detailed charts, 'Baverstock said. He also added that, limbU even be used as a mobile phone charger, you can have any expectations?

The reason for the limbU add these excellent features, because Baverstock saw the challenge after losing limb amputees faced. Why use a flawed substitute to replace missing leg? Why not support it in addition to your then bear little weight outside the function? 'missing limb challenge our sense of identity with others, and the traditional alternative prosthetics can barely meet their basic needs action. And limbU are trying to provide more new features and new forms to meet the wearer's personal life, which re-define the relationship between the wearer and the prosthesis. And through the efforts of these forms and functionality, limbU want to change the view of the prosthesis in a larger population. 'he said.