Is it so cold in winter, is it suitable for breast implant surgery?

Is it suitable for breast implants in winter?

Winter is more suitable for breast implants. In fact, prosthetic breast enlargement can be done all year round, but in contrast, the low temperature in winter is not easy to cause infection, inflammation and other adverse conditions, and the recovery period of prosthetic breast enlargement in winter. Shorter, discomfort will also be reduced.

If you want to do a prosthetic breast enlargement, it is best to choose to do it in the autumn and winter seasons. Winter weather is cold, and cold-proof measures are very important. If you do a prosthetic breast implant at this time, you need better protection of the surgical wound to ensure the effect and safety. However, because women love beauty and wear less in winter, cold wind will stimulate the nerves in the surgical site, which will affect the postoperative results, so it is best to choose to do it in autumn and winter. In addition, the temperature is lower in autumn and winter, and infection occurs after breast enlargement. , not easy to infect, is conducive to better healing of the wound.

When is the prosthesis breast enhancement?

Prosthetic breast enlargement can be done all year round, but the autumn and winter season is the best time.

Experts said that in general, the best time for prosthetic breast augmentation surgery is 10 days. The best choice is the period of the same release of estrus hormone for 24 hours, which is also said to be the 11th, 12th from menstruation. 13 days, these three days are the best time for prosthetic breast augmentation, and the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th days are the second best. In addition, the prosthetic breast augmentation surgery in this 10-day diet, It is also necessary to consume appropriate amounts of foods containing estrus hormones, such as: green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and beans and nuts, milk, etc., and drink more milk, especially papaya milk, but it is best to avoid cola, coffee, etc. Irritating food.

During the same period, experts said that the best time to do prosthetic breast augmentation surgery has no absolute limitation of the season, as long as it can be carried out during non-menstrual period. The surgical procedure in prosthetic breast augmentation surgery is within 30~50 minutes, after prosthetic breast augmentation surgery Depending on the individual phenomenon, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for observation for one day. The prosthetic breast augmentation can not be vigorously exercised 2 to 3 days after surgery, so the best time for prosthetic breast augmentation is on the weekend, or on May 1st, 11th, etc. Sufficient effort, adjusted from breast augmentation surgery to working conditions.

Advantages of prosthetic breast enlargement

1, breast augmentation prosthesis is super flexible

Although the prosthesis feels 'boneless', the breast augmentation prosthesis exhibits an astonishing toughness and firmness when subjected to external force. Superflexibility is also manifested in the non-diffusive nature of the breast augmentation prosthesis. Cross-cut on the prosthesis, after a long time, the 'Deep Sea Memory Gel' inside Miaotao still sticks to the 'post' and never "escapes".

2, breast augmentation prosthesis has super memory

The internal component of the breast augmentation prosthesis is 'Deep Sea Memory Gel'. When it enters the human body, the first 6 months is the memory period of its human body environment. At this time, your breasts will be firm and strong, and the hand feels flexible. When 6 months later The breast augmentation prosthesis will keep all the information about the breast in the human body. It will be integrated with your breasts, and will become firm and flexible. It will also show the perfect characteristics of static and soft.

3, breast augmentation prosthesis has unique compatibility

For the field of thoracic plastic surgery, this is a great technology. After the breast augmentation prosthesis enters the human body, it immediately shows that it is close to the human body, not only is not subject to human tissue rejection and attack, but the human tissue is still exhausted. It is possible to protect it.

4, breast augmentation prosthesis selection diversity

Prosthetic breast augmentation offers a variety of prosthetic model choices: two forms, including round and natural; three heights, including normal, medium and high, high. Natural and natural, innumerable women in an instant, full of confidence .