In addition, with bananas and honey modulation of the mask, with the effect of whitening. Is it true that eating lemon raw can also breast enhancement?

Can you eat lemon raw with breast?

Lemon does have a certain breast enhancement effect, but the small part does not recommend that everyone eat lemon, especially the bad gastrointestinal girls, lemon because rich in vitamin C and help breast enhancement, but want to use lemon breast augmentation There are many other ways to eat, eating raw is really not good. Vitamin C was first found in citrus fruits, and lemon is the fruit of the citrus genus genus Rhizoma, and naturally there are vitamin C components. Although lemon is very sour, give people feel is a very rich vitamin C fruit, but compared with cherries, jujube, guava and other fruits, lemon Vitamin C content is not very high, every 100 grams of edible part of the lemon Vitamin C content of 22 mg, belongs to the vitamin C content just qualified fruit.

Slice the fresh lemon, then put it in the cup, add the right amount of cold boiling water or 60 degrees below the warm water bubble, soak up to drink. Lemon also has the effect of losing weight while helping breast augmentation, and the citric acid rich in lemon is an important compound in the physiology of converting fat, protein and sugar into carbon dioxide. Citric acid inhibits fat buildup, and when we ingest citric acid, the sugar and lipids consumed from food can be quickly converted into energy to avoid excess buildup.

Fresh aroma to avoid pressure to eat, when the mood is high or fluctuating, it is easy to produce pressure, so through eating to ease, lemon natural fresh aroma, can help you calm the mood, ease the mood, to prevent the outbreak of pseudo-appetite.

How to eat lemon breast augmentation

One, homemade beauty chest Sketch

Because honey has antioxidant effect, so usually homemade honey lemon slices when dim sum, or honey lemonade add kiwi seeds, every morning to drink on an empty stomach, help gastrointestinal peristalsis, lemon can help whitening.

Two, Honey brewing lemon

Practice: lemon peeled and sliced, put into the container and then pour in the appropriate amount of honey, refrigerate for 1-2 days can be, taste sour and sweet, she usually as a snack.

Three, honey lemon juice Practice: First pour water into the container, preferably warm water, in the appropriate amount of lemon, of course, this should be in accordance with personal preferences. Finally, add the right amount of honey and chia seeds.

Chia Seed-Black seed contains natural dietary fiber, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help smooth defecation, add a drink with a faint aroma of nuts.

What fruit to eat can breast enhancement

1, Papaya breast Augmentation Papaya has whitening, breast enhancement and other cosmetic effects. You can eat both raw and cooked food.

But if you are for Papaya breast enhancement, then the effect of cooked food will be far better than raw food Oh, you can use fresh papaya stew soup or add honey steamed papaya are a good choice.

2, Orange breast augmentation Orange is rich in vitamin C, can effectively prevent chest deformation, so that the breast is stronger, can effectively prevent chest sagging or external expansion phenomenon. To be quick breast augmentation, the best method of eating is orange wine. Wine is also breast augmentation, the combination of the two combined with breast enhancement effect doubled. Peel off the skin of the orange flap as long as the orange meat.

Boil the water and add the wine, then open and stir the orange meat can be.

3, Kiwifruit breast augmentation

Kiwifruit contains a wealth of vitamins, pectin, fruit acid, etc., can give the skin to replenish nutrients, prevent black spots, make the skin more white and delicate, in addition, Kiwi also has lower cholesterol, help digestion and other effects.

4, Grapefruit breast augmentation Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and a large number of antioxidant elements, more valuable is grapefruit contains very low heat, each about only 60 calories, so is also a good helper for weight loss, according to a study on the surface of the United States, if normal three meals can eat half grapefruit, weight loss effect will be very good.

Of course, if you feel that eating half grapefruit at once is not good, then the effect of drinking grapefruit juice is also quite satisfactory.

5, Lemon Breast augmentation

Lemon Beauty effect is also quite rich, can suppress black spots, whitening skin, can also tighten the skin, so that the skin smooth lubrication, of course, the effect of weight loss is also very significant.

6, Banana breast Augmentation The effect of banana moisturizing bowel defecation is familiar to everyone, adhere to eat one or two bananas a day, to ensure normal defecation, so as to help discharge toxins in the body, glow from the inside out of the healthy beauty.

In addition, with bananas and honey modulation of the mask, with the effect of whitening. Is it true that eating lemon raw can also breast enhancement?