In the drug treatment emphasis on the use of liver and kidney, strong bones, blood stasis of the traditional Chinese medicine, at the same time take some anti-inflammatory painkillers, in order to eli

The academic genre of ' muscular Tongzhi ' is the most focused on knee arthritis.

Knee arthritis occurs because the liver and kidney qi and blood attenuation, and liver main gluten, kidney main bone, liver blood can not be gluten, kidney essence can not fill the bone, coupled with positive qi weak, can not resist wind, cold, wet and other evil, evil multiplication invade the knee, causing qi and blood is not smooth, resistance to ganglia, Meridian. Clinically, some knee patients get up in the morning or sit long after feeling the joints stiff, painful, up very difficult. In addition, the activity is limited, some patients dare not squat, but also can hear the sound of joints.

When more serious, there will be joint swelling, deformation and so on.

For a long time, the treatment of knee arthritis, only focus on the problem of joint pain, while ignoring the treatment of muscles, fascia, ligaments, etc., and therefore now promote the concept of ' muscular bone tongzhi '. TCM believes that the bone is dry, the rib is just, the meat is the wall, the bone muscles can not be separated.

Thigh muscles maintain the stability of the knee joint, once the joint pain, walking inconvenience, muscle use opportunities reduced, over time, muscle strength decreased, muscle atrophy, so that the knee loss protection, become no longer stable, which will lead to increased knee symptoms, not conducive to recovery.

It can be said that lack of exercise, improper maintenance and knee strain, muscle degeneration, is the basis for the pathogenesis of knee degeneration. Treatment of knee arthritis, can not only focus on joint repair, but also pay attention to the strength of muscles.

Clinical findings, by directing patients to muscle function training and self-massage around the knee joint, knee pain can be significantly reduced, and has a good long-term effect.

1. Exercise your thigh muscles Lift your legs and exercise your four head muscles.

Sit in a chair, lift one leg to the suspension, and keep the position until it is intolerant. Insist on keeping one-sided legs straight for more than 3 minutes every day, which can relieve knee pain caused by sedentary sitting; Stretch legs for more than 5 minutes, can improve the upper and lower stairs when the knee pain discomfort;

Stretch your legs for more than 7 minutes, which can significantly reduce knee pain caused by squatting immediately.

2. Self-massage joint muscles

Apply a small amount of safflower oil around the knee joint, then close the palm to the outside of the knee joint, quickly rub from the upper and lower, until the middle of the calf, wipe 1.5 on the outside, and then turn to the inside to wipe 1.5, to produce a sense of heat around the joint is preferred.

This massage can effectively increase the amount of blood supply, improve leg hemp and stiffness.

3. ' Refuel ' the knee joint