Casa Di Washing Machine Release | 'High-end Care | Good Residence' | White Paper

On November 9th, 'The extraordinary time of the Villa-style life' - Casa Di 2018 high-end residential ecological alliance forum was held in Hangzhou, the site, China Building Decoration Association and Casa Di washing machine reached a cross-border cooperation, the two sides jointly released 'high-end care The White House, a white paper, uses the Casa Di washing machine as a sample to develop a 'clothing care home improvement solution' to provide users with high-end care + villa-style home improvement reference standards.

Casa Di combines clothing care with home improvement needs, showing guests and users the personalized care needs and solutions in different home improvement environments: For example, in the style of gorgeous European classical decoration, users prefer suede, wool, etc. Textured clothing, in the new Chinese-style home filled with traditional Chinese culture, traditional Chinese clothing such as cotton and linen, silk is more common, etc. Through the free combination of Gemini, Fibre, and Geno combination, Casa Di can Customized more professional, efficient and reasonable clothing care experience for different home decoration styles. 'Casadi's customized product solutions for different homes also make the overall home more harmonious and beautiful'. One user at the scene can't help but sigh.

This solution that combines high-end toiletries + villa-style home furnishings has also been unanimously recognized by the guests: 'Casadi's innovative home improvement model combined with home appliances, with a solution to meet the user's two Demand, more in line with the high-end consumer concept. 'As an advocate of home improvement predecessor, Casa Di will promote the clothing care home improvement solution practice closer to the support of the superior ecological resources, giving users the functional limitations of the product itself. A custom care experience that combines home appliances and home improvement.

In the high-end care, Casa Di micro-steam air washing professional care for high-end fabrics has also become an innovative result of the guests and users. On site, a user put silk into the Casa Di washing machine, and after the air wash, the silk luster Bright, no wrinkles on the surface, no spinning, the owner of the silk can not help but raise the thumb: 'Silk washing is regarded as a restricted area by the washing machine, because the silk is easily scratched, Casa Di washing machine completely solved this problem.' In addition to silk, through the innovation of precision temperature, ideal humidity, scientific track and reasonable mechanical force 4 leading technology, micro-steam air washing using micro-vapor molecular care clothing also solved cotton, wool, down, shirt, suede, large A variety of high-end fabric care problems. At the Global Ecology Technology Conference, air wash became the 'silk wash' standard and won the 'Global Wash Care' Best Experience Award.

Guided by the 'personal single-in-one' model, Casadi washing machine innovative high-end care solution + integrated home decoration design, bringing users high-value nursing solutions, reinventing the high-end clothing care ecology while improving the quality of life of users. Insiders pointed out that this move by Casa Di will lead the home improvement process to a big step forward, which is worth learning from the industry.