Casa di enters the second phase of retail transformation | revenue growth of 49% in the first three quarters

On November 9th, the Casa Di 2018 High-end Living Ecological Alliance Forum with the theme of 'Uncommon Times Villa Life' was held in Hangzhou. Casa Di landed the first immersive experience model room in Hangzhou for the first time. Free-embedded high-end home appliances support, and create a 'villa-style life' in the panorama, providing users with five high-end lifestyle solutions.

At the forum, Casa Di quoted the construction results of Zhongyikang data release. Since 2018, in the overall decline of the refrigerator market by 6.6%, Casa Di refrigerator has achieved a 27.9% increase, which is 34.5 higher than the industry average. Percentage, the unit price of the product is 2.6 times that of the industry, and 1.6 times that of the second place. In the case of a slight decline in the drum washing machine market, Casa Di achieved a high increase of 47.3%, which is 47.7 percentage points higher than the industry average. It is 2.4 times of the industry and 2.2 times of the second place.

The latest 2018 quarterly report shows that Casa Di's revenue in the first three quarters increased by 49%, the market share of 10K+ refrigerators and drum washing machines was 36%, 77%, 16K+ household air conditioner market share was 42.7%, ice, washing, empty, etc. The product continues to lead.

Li Huagang, vice president of Haier Group and chief marketing officer of China, said that the reason why Casa Di can become a high-end choice cannot be separated from the support of global brands, design, R&D, manufacturing, contact networks and other resources and platforms. Continue to promote the transformation of the contact network, and joint new resources, customers, users, etc. to 'brand co-creation', to achieve multi-party value and win-win.

Casa Di enters the second stage of retail transformation

Since its inception in 2006, Casa Di has been through 12 years.

According to Li Huagang, the 10 years from 2006 to 2016 is the basic stage of the exploration of Casa Di. From no one to no team, no products to original classics, no one buys users, no one sells Customers follow, from buying to full coverage, these 10 years are hard explorations from scratch.

From 2016 to 2018, it is the first stage of Casadi's retail transformation, and it is also beyond the industry stage. Under the guidance of the 'personal unity one' mode, Casa Di has nurtured five interactive modes of eco-brands, realizing from transaction to interaction. From user to lifetime user, from release to fermentation, from research and development to iteration, from price to value.

In 2018 and beyond, Casa Di enters the second phase of retail transformation, which is to surpass itself and lead the industry. From outlets to lifetime contacts, from brand-name to brand creation, from single product to solution, Casa Di will Conduct user ecological co-construction and achieve comprehensive guidance through solutions.

In the previous outlet stage, the shop was centered on the customer, and the brand was also created by the company. In the contact stage, the direct seller went out of the store and took the initiative to follow the user, letting the user fall in love with the product and brand. And the life contact stage, Casa Emperor provides life solutions and integrated services with a complete set of home appliances, building user trust and reputation, allowing users to actively promote the brand, become a brand spokesperson, and participate in brand creation.

In the process of retail transformation, Casa Di has become a high-end home appliance brand with high-end elites and a leading reputation in the world. It has also become the world's leading lifestyle lifestyle brand. Now, Casa Di has only packaged products for sale. It is up to 37%.

Where is the user demand, where is the upgrade direction of the high-end solution? According to the introduction of the general manager of the consumer electronics industry of Tmall, the Tmall channel data shows that the growth of the high-end brand of Casa Di Tmall since 2018 Ranked first.

Full scene immersive experience model room landing in Hangzhou

Site selection of Molly Castle in Hangzhou, Casa Di first landed the 'Villa Life' model room here. Instead of local display, immersive life model breaks the limitations of a single scene, the top five high-end solutions , including ingredients for food, clothing, whole house air, gourmet cooking, water for the whole house.

Into the 'food fresh food solution' scene, Casa Di is supported by F+ free embedded refrigerator, hoard + free embedded ice bar, solid-state refrigerated wine cabinet and other products to create a cell-level 'preservation ecological circle', to meet Every high-end user in the castle has a personalized and diversified demand for fresh food.

In the 'Clothing and Care Solution' scene, Casa Di is supported by Fibre Smart Washer, creating a third style of clothing care for high-end fabric care problems. Whether it is silk scarf or heavy velvet, The air is washed with micro-vapor molecules to restore fluffiness and suppleness.

In addition, in the 'Full House Air Solution' scenario, Casa Di is supported by Scorpio Air Conditioning and Yunxiao Home Central Air Conditioning. Tianzhu is innovative and warm, and the turning wind meets the hot and cold demand of different users. Pushing the ecological breeze mode brings a cool and cold breeze experience; 'Gourmet Cooking Solutions', Casa Di is supported by high-end kitchen appliances, embedded installation and complete experience make modern kitchens more integrated, with Tianzhu steam Dishwasher, steam wash for a healthy, clean experience; In the 'Whole House Water Solution', Casa Di provides pure drinking water, softened water, domestic hot water with the support of CH3 gas water heater and Tianmu system. Complete water solution for home heating.

Breaking the inherent 'sales-style transaction method', Casa Di has taken the user as the core and restored the real life scene of the living home with a 'scenario interaction method'. The relevant person in charge of Casa Di said that Casa Di integrated a full set of freedom. Embedded high-end home appliance solutions, overall style design, home improvement ecological resources, designed to create a benchmark villa model room.

In addition to creating a 'villa-style life' high-end lifestyle experience, Casa Di has attracted the high-end cabinet brand Bolognese, and the home of the high-end cabinets, Bolognese, and other eco-sources to join the 'high-end ecosystem' for users. Provide high-end lifestyle solutions and lead the continuous high-end upgrade of the home appliance industry.