Seco's new, larger-size, high-feed milling inserts dramatically increase productivity!

Seco Tools introduces a new, larger size LP09 insert for HF 2TM inserts for increased productivity and process safety Seco Tools introduces a new, larger size LP09 insert for HF 2TM bodies Increases productivity and process safety. This new insert can be used for high feed milling, including face milling, helical interpolation milling, slot milling, side milling, groove milling and plunge milling, to handle difficult workpieces. For example, viscous materials commonly found in the mold, aviation, oil and gas industries.

HF2 fast feed blade

The new LP09 insert combines a stronger corner fillet with a double cutting edge to extend the existing HF 2TM fast feed milling range. The body has a stronger reinforcing core and more circumferential teeth. Achieve higher feed rates and faster material removal rates. The chip conveyors of the Seco HF 2TM tool body are optimized to discharge chips quickly and efficiently during high feed milling.

Compared to square inserts, the rectangular LP09 inserts have a longer life and a more dense pitch. The insert seat ensures precise positioning of the insert during indexing, while high-strength screw clamping secures the insert.

Seco Tools LP09 positive angle inserts are available in a full range of materials including D12, MD15, M13, ME08 and E08. The HF 2TM body covers sizes from 1.250" to 4.00" and 25mm to 100mm.

For more information on the LP09 blade, please contact your local Seco representative or visit our LP09 blade product page.