Hanergy Li Hejun: Good luck and national transport together

Since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, the Chinese economy has achieved remarkable achievements. The Chinese private enterprises represented by Hanergy have also achieved remarkable results.

November 7-8, 2018, sponsored by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Shandong Provincial People's Government, undertaken by the People's Government of Jinan, and the High-end Summit of the First National Federation of Industry and Commerce Co-organized by the Shandong Federation of Industry and Commerce was held in Jinan. Chairman, Gao Yunlong, Chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Vice Minister of the Central United Front Work Department, Party Secretary of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Xu Lejiang, Executive Vice President, and other relevant department leaders and responsible persons attended the summit. From all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government About 500 people attended the meeting of the Chairman of the Industry and Commerce Federation of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and representatives of private entrepreneurs.

Since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, the Chinese economy has achieved remarkable achievements. The Chinese private enterprises represented by Hanergy have also achieved remarkable results. Founded in 1989, Hanergy is the first proposal of the global mobile energy concept. In the era of reform and opening up, Hanergy has taken advantage of the trend. In the past eight years, through global technology integration and independent innovation, it has invested 10 billion US dollars. Hanergy's thin film power generation technology has reached the international leading level, not only It is the scale, and more importantly, the core technology. As a company with global core competitiveness in strategic emerging industries such as thin film solar energy and mobile energy, as of November 4, Hanergy has accumulated more than 8,500 patent applications worldwide and accumulated more than 1,800 patents. .

At present, the concept of 'mobile energy' pioneered by Hanergy has emerged in national policies and has become an important goal of national energy reform. In China's seven strategic emerging industries, it involves new energy, new energy vehicles, new Materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, information technology and other six items.

Li Hejun spoke at the high-end summit of the first All-China Federation, and talked about two points of view on the power and entrepreneurship.

The first point: The National Games is my luck. I always think that the enterprise that shares the destiny of the country has a future. More than a decade ago, I said that the National Games was shipped by me. A few years ago, someone asked me why I did two pieces. Jinanqiao Hydropower Station and entering the mobile energy industry, I think I am gambling, I have blurted out: I bet the national transport.

Since 1796, China has begun to decline. Even in the period of 1840, China's GDP accounted for more than 30% of the world's total. However, due to the problem of GDP structure, China's GDP was mainly agricultural products, such as tea, handmade products, such as silk. At that time, the Anglo-American GDP was mainly industrial products, such as railways, steam engines, telephones, etc. A pair of decisions, China soon lost. Only talking about the quantity of GDP, it does not make sense to talk about structure and quality. So, that When the national transport, do not look at GDP accounted for 30% of the world, in fact, is on the decline.

However, throughout the historical development, the country's transport and human transport are actually the same. People's life can't be unlucky forever, and it can't always be good luck. Generally speaking, juvenile winners, old people must bear the burden. Just like the celestial body, and there must be a turn every three years. For a country, it is basically a round of 180 years. Seeing Chinese history and world history, especially European history, can prove this (three years of the year) In fact, China began its reform and opening up in 1978, and it has begun to bottom out. From the beginning to the end of the Qianlong era, it began to flourish in the Qianlong Qing Dynasty. In 1796, from 1796, China began to decline. Until 1978, it began to reverse in about 180 years. I believe that China will reach a heyday in about 2160. Therefore, the Chinese between 2000 and 2160 should be very fortunate and should be very good. of.

How is a person transshipment? My point is that I must place myself on a platform of great luck to be able to transship. China is currently in the period of the Universiade, and every Chinese in this era should take control of themselves. The situation is that all efforts are moving along the trend, and the forces are in the same place. The heroes are not free. Therefore, individuals and countries must work hard, otherwise you will lose this round of great luck. The state does not seize this. Opportunity, it also lost a great opportunity for a strong country.

The Chinese nation, why can culture be passed down for 5,000 years? I think the root cause is that suffering has never been interrupted. The Chinese nation has experienced countless times of suffering, and has been reborn many times from the fire, suffering constantly, and thus civilization continues, God bless China The way is: continue to give you suffering, and then reborn in suffering.

The second point: The enterprise is strong and the country is strong. Recently, the Chinese people have talked about the strong country. To change from a big country to a strong country, what is the symbol of the strong country? I think that the powerful country should have the following indicators to be called Shangqiangguo: First, we must establish a national system to adapt to the national conditions. Although different nationalities, different cultures and different beliefs have different national systems, the human nature is the same. The national system contains all aspects, especially the emphasis is When the national system must be able to deviate in the direction of a strong national strategy, it can repair itself and correct itself. If there is no national system suitable for the national conditions, there is no way to talk about a strong country. This is the case in China.

The second is that it must have cultural influence. Why did China have such a great influence in the Tang Dynasty? Culture is the main force. Why is Chinese culture not broken for thousands of years? That is because the suffering of the Chinese nation is always constant! The culture has been going on for thousands of years, that is the greatest wealth that the ancestors have uploaded to us. The four great books of China (the "Book of Changes", "The Tao Te Ching", "The Yellow Emperor's Canon" and "The Diamond Sutra" have a cosmic deep cultural tradition. When do people all over the world watch Chinese movies, which shows that Chinese culture has influence.

The third is that there must be a right to speak in science and technology. Why is the United States so bullish? There are four major hegemons: technology, military, oil dollars and global financial markets. For high technology, the Chinese have a good genetic inheritance. The world's technology capital Most of the engineering scientists in Silicon Valley in the United States are Chinese. Why do they have such a big role in Silicon Valley? I think it is mainly an innovative environment and humanities. Therefore, China is innovating, especially in technological innovation. There are inherent advantages in the aspect. I believe that catching up with the United States in this respect is only a matter of time.

The fourth is the influence of education. When people all over the world send their children to China to study, not the United States, it means that China is strong. Education is the foundation of a country's sustainable development. It is the first, and the education system is the fundamental guarantee for cultivating talent.

The fifth is economic influence. Seeing that the United States accounts for more than 30% of the world's top 500, and they are leaders in the core field, the United States accounts for 22 of the 53 billion-dollar companies in the world. All of them occupy important fields, and although we have 13 companies, they all have low technology content, mainly monopoly industries, such as finance, power grid, oil and other enterprises. The competitiveness is weak and the structure is very unreasonable. When do I want to People all over the world want to buy things produced in China, Chinese brand products, which also shows that the country is strong. Therefore, enterprises are the core competitiveness of the country, and it essentially includes the competitiveness of science and technology, finance, etc. Therefore, technology, financial essence Expressed in the competitiveness of core enterprises. When is the top 500 companies in the world, China has more than 100 billion US dollars of enterprises surpassing the United States, and the structure is corresponding, that is, all industries are comprehensively surpassed, that is to say that China surpasses the United States. (China's goal is to have more than 60 billion US dollars in sales/years around 2035. If there is an internationally competitive and well-structured global enterprise, then it can be said that China is really a strong country, not just The current great powers.) The strength of a country is ultimately concentrated in the strength of the enterprise. Because of the hegemony of technology, financial hegemony is manifested in the enterprise, and the most important factor of the enterprise’s strength, or the highest level of competition in the enterprise is the enterprise. The spirit of family spirit. Therefore, what kind of country has the best entrepreneurs, what kind of country is the most competitive, and the most powerful country. Therefore, everything goes to the country, entrepreneurship is the greatest power of the country. , is also the core power of the most sustainable power.

The state now strongly supports the development of private enterprises, and the strength of support is unprecedented! Private enterprises should strengthen their confidence and take responsibility! I think that if we do business, we should focus on our own fields, do our own business, and do our own business. Make your company bigger and stronger and become a great global company. What is a great company? I think it is a great enterprise to create a market and create an industry. Creating an industry at the beginning, people first laugh at it. You, then doubt you, then understand you, and finally join you. Let us work together to strengthen the enterprise, why is it not strong?