'Perceive the world, wisdom to win the future' | The first World Sensors Conference will be held in Zhengzhou from November 12th to 14th

On the afternoon of November 7, the '2018 First World Sensor Conference' was held in Zhengzhou. At the press conference, Shi Zhanyong, deputy mayor of Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government introduced the situation of the 2018 World Sensor Conference.

The sensor technology and its system industry are the foundation of the national economy. The strategic industry is the source of deep integration of informationization and industrialization. It promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, develops strategic emerging industries, promotes modern national defense construction, and guarantees and improves people's living standards. Plays an important role. The "13th Five-Year National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan" issued by the State Council regards the sensor industry as a 'promoting the key technical equipment for intelligent manufacturing to a new level', 'advance the strategic industry, and foster future development. The important advantages of 'new advantages' and other important work; The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Three-Year Action Guide for Smart Sensor Industry (2017-2019)" pointed out that the application of smart sensor market is exploding, which has become the core of the future development of information technology industry. One of the foundations has become a strategic highland for the layout of developed countries and multinational corporations.

For the future, tera-scale sensors will be connected to the Internet, and ubiquitous sensor networks will capture real-time data to help people fully understand the environment and get the information they need. At the same time, the combination of sensor fusion technology and artificial intelligence technology Will promote cross-media awareness and the development of unmanned systems.

It is understood that the 2018 First World Sensor Conference will be held in Zhengzhou Convention and Exhibition Center from November 12th to 14th, 2018. The conference is jointly sponsored by China Instrument and Meter Society, Intelligent Sensor Innovation Alliance, Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, in industry and information. Under the support and guidance of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, China Association for Science and Technology, Henan Provincial People's Government, by the China Instrument and Control Society, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Henan Provincial Industrial and Information Technology Commission, Henan Provincial People's Government Foreign Affairs The office, Henan Science and Technology Association and Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government jointly sponsored by the China Instrument and Control Society Secretariat, Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, and invited a number of international organizations to co-organize.

The reporter learned from the press conference that the conference aims to exchange the latest achievements in global sensor technology, industry and applications with the theme of “Perceive the World, Win the Future”, and promote politics, production, learning, research, use, gold, media, etc. Collaboration in the link; Create a nationwide sensor industry brand event, shaping the 'Zhengzhou' symbol of the global sensor industry. The conference consists of several sections including conferences, exhibitions, and competitions.

'Meeting' refers to the main forum and sub-forum of the conference. The main forum, the World Sensor Technology Summit Forum, will be attended by many world-class experts from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, Canada, etc., covering countries and places. Sensor technology and industrial development policies and planning, future sensor development needs analysis, sensor industry development issues, shortcomings and solutions, domestic and international sensor technology development and application.

The forum consists of 20 sessions, covering sensor academics, design, packaging testing, standards as well as in automotive, rail transit, water supply and drainage, grain and oil, environmental monitoring, agriculture, chemical, power grid, aerospace and other aspects.

The academic representatives invited to participate in this conference include Jin Guofan, You Zheng, Jiang Zhuangde and other more than 10 Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Canadian IEEE Sensors Committee, Fabrice Labeau (Lindi) and other international organizations have also confirmed the participation. Participants included experts from Tsinghua University, Santa Barbara University of California, Nanyang Polytechnic and other famous universities at home and abroad, as well as heads of sensor-related research institutions in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries. The 'Zhengzhou Consensus' reviewed and approved by academicians and related scholars. Currently, only 130 foreigners have been confirmed to participate in the conference, from 35 countries and regions.

'Exhibition' refers to the exhibition during the conference, namely the 2018 World Sensor Expo. The exhibition area is about 12,000 square meters, about 300 domestic enterprise organizations, more than 80 foreign companies organize exhibitors, representing the higher level of the global sensor industry. Among the participating companies are Panasonic Corporation, Siemens, GE, Emerson, Fluke, E+H, Honeywell and many other multinational companies; Baidu, Shanghai Automation, Lanbao, Aerospace Science and Technology and other well-known domestic enterprises. This year's show will showcase the latest results of new sensors, smart sensors and system integration applications.

'赛' refers to the event during the conference, namely the 'China (International) Sensor Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition'. The contest lasted more than 4 months, involving more than 20 provinces, nearly 100 teams participated. The final will be in the world sensor During the competition, awards and awards will be given, and outstanding achievements will be displayed. Excellent achievements will be arranged to connect with the industry. I hope that this platform can achieve good results transformation.

During the conference, new product and new technology conferences will be arranged to introduce the latest sensor products and technologies to the world.

As an important industrial transformation and upgrading activity in Zhengzhou's national central city, the 2018 World Sensors Conference will help promote the development of sensor industry in Henan Province and Zhengzhou City. It will provide support for Zhengzhou to build a 100 billion-level national smart sensor industry base. Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, China Sensing Valley attracts investment, attracts talents, and promotes the construction of the world-class high-tech park in Zhengzhou High-tech Zone.

According to reports, the theme of this conference is clear, rich in content, gathered in the audience, large scale, high-end exhibition, strong participation, is a high-level, influential and fruitful world-class conference.

According to reports, starting this year, the International Sensor Conference will be held in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province for three consecutive years. It will jointly establish relevant global and domestic organizations, domestic and foreign experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to build a global communication platform to promote the sensor field, especially In the field of intelligent sensors, the combination of technology and industry promotes the global integration of sensor production, learning, research, use and upstream and downstream industry chain, and promotes the innovation and development of the world's sensor technology and industry in particular.

At the press conference, the Chinese Instrument and Control Society, the Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, the High-tech Zone Management Committee and other relevant leaders answered questions from the media on the preparations for the conference and related information.