The 2018 First World Sensor Conference: The Conference, Exhibition, and Competition will cover three dimensions of industrial development.

On the afternoon of November 7, after the press conference of the '2018 First World Sensor Conference' held in Zhengzhou, the reporter was informed when interviewing the director of the Innovation and Development Bureau of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone, Niu Daole, at present, China (Zhengzhou) Intelligent Sensing Valley has completed the first Wheel planning, including a 200-acre start-up area with a total construction area of ​​160,000 square meters, can provide a variety of supporting hardware resources, including entrepreneurship, innovation, R&D, testing, etc. In addition, from the perspective of the entire industry chain Starting, the corresponding software environment is laid out, data collection, analysis, digital transmission and subsequent applications are integrated into the social construction of Zhengzhou City through advanced technologies such as 5G network, big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. Now the whole The project is undergoing expert review and will be officially released at the 2nd World Sensors Conference.

This conference consists of three parts: Sensor Conference, Sensor Industry Exhibition, Sensor Innovation Competition (final) (one session, one exhibition). In this regard, Niu Dao also put forward its own unique insights:

'will' invite experts to tell the most cutting-edge information, the latest scientific research results, to lead the industry;

'Exhibition' is a concentrated display of some products and technologies that can be truly provided and reproducible after the development of the enterprise to a certain extent. It aims to build a bridge for communication and cooperation between enterprises and users;

'赛' shows innovative resources, innovative thinking, to show the wisdom of young science and technology workers, graduate students, college students through the form of competitions, occupying the high ground of future industrial development.

Niu Dao Le finally concluded that 'will, exhibition, and competition cover the past, present and future of the sensor industry from three dimensions. This is also the deeper meaning of the first World Sensor Conference.'

When talking about the role of the media, Niu Dao said that 'the mass media and professional media are each aimed at different audiences. The 2018 World Sensors Conference is a very professional event in the field of segmentation, which is aimed at professional groups, including enterprises, research institutes. Institutions, investment institutions, etc., professional media have innate advantages in this respect, can play a greater role. I hope that all professional media to the high-tech zone, to the conference site to experience the latest technological achievements of the sensor industry, while helping companies to present Some mature products are promoted to more professional audiences. '