Baobian Electric organized the '119' fire awareness month series

In order to do the '119' firefighting publicity month, Baobian Electric closely focused on the theme of 'national participation, fire prevention', carefully planned, deployed in advance, carefully organized, and fire safety propaganda slogans and banners were hoisted in the factory and workshops. 4. Carry out fire safety publicity, education and training, and strive to create a strong fire propaganda atmosphere.

In order to effectively save the initial fire, quickly organize evacuation, Baobian Electric has established a micro-fire station with 'personnel, equipment, and combat strength'. On the morning of November 7, Baobian Electric Safety and Security Department held a mini-fire station start-up. Ceremony, and organized 28 volunteer firefighters in the key fire-fighting departments of the Ministry to conduct on-the-spot training, focusing on the rapid wear of fire-fighting suits, the use of fire-fighting equipment such as fire hoses and water separators, and explanations.

On the afternoon of the 7th, Baobian Electric organized a 2018 fire safety warning meeting to cherish life and stay away from fire. The instructor of the Hebei Social Security Knowledge Promotion Center was trained to train fire safety knowledge and awareness. Various departments of the Baobian Electric Division, workshop The person in charge of fire protection and the safety officer, the person in charge of the fire management department and the fire management personnel of the units in charge, a total of 48 people attended the warning meeting.

Through the effective development of various activities, the safety management level and emergency response capability of Baoding Electric Fire Protection have been improved, and the fire safety awareness and skills of employees have been strengthened, laying a foundation for preventing and preventing fire accidents.