The correct way to lose weight is to look over

The correct way to find the valley is a few days

In fact, there are many kinds of diets in the valley. Under normal circumstances, it is divided into 7 days and the 21 days. If it is the first time to try to find the valley, people should choose a shorter time, and the 21-day law is suitable for the weight loss. crowd.

The correctness of the valley is whether it has side effects on the body and whether it is scientific. Therefore, Peng Shengpi has implemented the '4+3' model. The sugar consumption in the body is consumed to a certain extent 2-3 days before the start of the valley, and the lipid metabolism is started, and it is officially entered after 3 days. The state of the valley. The first 3 days to start, the next 4 days to adjust the various systems. Most people in the 7 days of the valley are safe, because 7 days is a cycle of human cell metabolism. But not as long as possible, as time goes by The risk rate is gradually increased. Improper methods can cause electrolyte imbalance, metabolic ketoacidosis, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that the peak time is 7 days.

The valley is also a hunger strike, mainly to eliminate the body's toxins and exercise people's mental strength. Taoism believes that people eat whole grains, will accumulate many impurity toxins in the body, regularly remove the toxins, enhance the body's resistance, and reach the effect of prolonging life. The valley is a way of keeping health. Usually, during the valley, you don’t eat food cooked with fire, only drink water and eat some natural foods, combined with the method of qi, the teeth are swallowed, this method can make the body light and healthy. , the ears are clear, according to the specific situation of different people, and different ways in the process of the valley.

The correct way to 21 days

The first stage: the first 3 days of fasting therapy (Note: completely fasting, only drinking water, detoxification stage, you can use honey water)

After choosing the last meal you like to eat, you will start the most cruel three-day fasting of the 21-day diet. These three days are mainly to let us out of the dependence on food and to discharge the garbage in the body.

Before the start of fasting, clean up all the snacks and food at home, and avoid food temptation within 3 days. 2500ml white water a day, about 8 cups. If you have severe dizziness within 3 days, you can drink honey water, honey water is also Can lose weight, and can add calories. These 3 days can excrete toxins in the body and can also prevent overeating. It is recommended to start the first phase from the second or third day after the end of the menstrual period. Drink a cup of 500ml every morning. About 25 degrees of light salt water (do not add more than 2g of salt), drink small mouth and mouth, just like eating breakfast, one is to supplement the water, the second is to promote gastrointestinal motility, and further detoxification.

As long as you can hold back on the first day of dieting, everyone can stick to the past. The second day is the most suffering day. This is the strongest desire to eat. If you feel dizzy, you can drink some honey water and save. Physical strength. On the third day, the stomach is already hungry, but it is easier to hold on.

The second stage: 8 days vegetable and fruit meal, not excessive (Note: fasting staple food, fat and sweets, cellulite stage).

After 3 days of fasting, the stomach is already empty, and it becomes quite sensitive. At this time, if only acidic food such as woody meat, there will be gastrointestinal discomfort, and constipation will occur. So the easy to digest fruit and vegetable meal is the most scientific. Good choice. By the second stage, the dependence on food has been greatly reduced.

I am looking forward to eating for three days. I must not eat or eat without choice. Even fruits and vegetables should be kept small. Many people think that fruits and vegetables do not cause obesity. In fact, too many fruits and vegetables with more carbohydrates are eaten. Excess carbohydrates are converted into fat for storage.

The third stage: normal diet after the last 10 days (Note: the amount of food is 60% full, no food for 5 hours before going to bed).

After the first 11 days of adjustment, we can finally resume the meal. At this time, the stomach has basically adapted to the new eating habits. Only after eating 60% of the stomach can reach the previous 10 minutes, and the psychological satisfaction is satisfied. After 21 days, we succeeded in shaping a new eating habit.

Although returning to a normal diet, not all can be eaten, even if it is 60% full, the diet classification needs to be gradually restored, do not consume a large amount of meat and staple food, so as not to cause stomach discomfort. After the successful weight loss, it is recommended to add another 7 days. Adjustment period, this can effectively maintain the fruit of weight loss victory.

Precautions during the valley

1, women must avoid the menstrual period when carrying out the valley, because women's body is weak during this period is not suitable for the valley.

2, people with some diseases in their bodies should not try to find the valley, which is not good for their health.

3, if you are really uncomfortable during the valley, you can eat some fruits to fill the hunger.

4. It is best for people who are in contact with the valley for the first time to make a short-term attempt.

5, the valley still needs some more professional people to guide in the side, in order to correctly carry out the valley. Now there are many people on the Internet to write some of their own experience, some newcomers will imitate, in fact, this is wrong because some Things don't necessarily suit you. Losing weight is the same reason. It is best to find a method that suits you.