How do weight loss drugs lose weight?

The efficacy of diet pills is very obvious, from 120 pounds to 90 pounds sounds amazing, in fact, the weight of the weight is not much fat, but the moisture in the body.

Diet pills ingredients

Symptom 1: Always go to the toilet

Stool with oil in the process of taking diet pills, this symptom appears: 'After eating diet pills, I always feel uncomfortable in the stomach, and it hurts and hurts. I want to go to the toilet, I have to have a stool 2 or 3 times a day. There is still a layer of oil in the stool. '

It is possible that: diet pills contain Roche fresh

The diet pills you take may contain Xenical, an inhibitor of gastrointestinal lipolytic enzymes, which reduces the absorption of fat by the small intestine by about 30%. People who like high-fat foods use better results.

Recommendation: Eat up to three times a day, can be taken with vitamins

The side effects of this drug are relatively small, but the dosage should be controlled. The recommended dose is to take a 120 mg capsule in the middle of the meal or at the latest within one hour after the meal. If you don't eat, you don't have to take it. , take up to three times a day.

Roche is a state-approved diet drug that can be used for a long time, but it should not be used for more than two years.

Moreover, when taking this medicine, it will prevent the body from absorbing fat-soluble vitamins. It is recommended to add a multi-vitamin every day. Vitamins can be taken two hours after taking the medicine or before going to bed. In addition, whether this medicine is absolutely safe as a weight-loss medicine is being evaluated. Therefore, it is not recommended for children under the age of 18, pregnant women and lactating women.

Symptom 2: I can't sleep at night

During the day, I didn't sleep during the course of taking diet pills. This symptom appeared: 'I used to be a sleepy insect. But this diet pills just ate for two days. I found that I was especially excited every night, I didn't want to sleep, lying in bed. I can't sleep, I eat less than before, and I have a special spirit!'

It is possible that: the medicine contains amphetamine

The anti-obesity drugs you take may contain amphetamine. The initial effect of taking this medicine is as described above, but with the development of physical resistance, emotional instability, delusions, hallucinations, Symptoms such as sleep disorders.

Recommendation: These drugs are addictive and it is recommended not to take them easily.

And amphetamines are as addictive as drugs. Once addicted, the process of withdrawal is very painful. There may even be symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, lethargy, overeating, etc. Experts suggest that this drug should never be taken easily.

Symptom 3: Don't want to eat

Dizziness in the process of taking diet pills, this symptom appears: 'I have recently taken diet pills, my appetite has become very bad, I can't eat anything, my weight has dropped, but I feel dizzy, headache, lethargy, and even some heart palpitations. What's going on?'

It is possible that the drug contains 'fenfen'

The diet pills you take may contain Fen-phen. Fenfen is also an appetite suppressant, one of its main components is fenfluramine.

Symptom 4: Dry mouth

The heartbeat is accelerating during the course of taking diet pills. This symptom occurs: 'I ate the weight loss medicine that my friend brought back from abroad. Every day I felt that my mouth was dry, and the next day my lips were cracked. And, headache I can't sleep at night, my heartbeat seems to speed up a lot!'

It is possible that the drug contains 'sibutramine'

The diet pills you take may contain Sibutramine Meridia. The principle of action of this drug is to suppress the appetite by inhibiting the re-absorption of nerve conduction substances, due to good absorption through oral administration, 6 months. It can have a more obvious weight loss effect inside, and it was once popular in Europe and America.

Suggestion: This medicine will damage memory

But recently New Zealand's key drug monitoring department found that this diet drug may impair people's memory. There are also data to prove that this component not only affects memory, but also other cerebrovascular problems, manifested as confusion, dizziness and vision. Anomalies, etc.

What is the principle of diet pills?

Hormone drugs are used to promote metabolism and protein decomposition and increase consumption to achieve weight loss. Laxatives and diuretics are used to increase excretion, forcibly draining normal body fluids, rather than excess fat, often causing dehydration; It is composed of plant fiber that is not suitable for digestion. It is full after taking it.

After taking diet pills, people often think that the fat is subtracted. In fact, the added components include water and protein, and some side effects are obviously not effective, accompanied by skin looseness, roughness, increased wrinkles, and reduced water. The body will replenish quickly.

Subtracting protein reduces muscle function. When you stop taking these weight-loss drugs, fat will accumulate quickly (rebound), but lost muscles are not recovered. Experts warn us: taking diet pills must be combined with dieting, exercise can reach the most Good weight loss effect.