The Baobian Electric Party Construction Project won the third prize of the establishment of the State-owned Enterprise Party of Hebei Province.

On November 9th, from the second plenary meeting of the second council of the Party Building Research Association of State-owned Enterprises of Hebei Province, it was learned that the party building project of the State-owned Enterprise of Hebei Province completed by the party committee of Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co., Ltd. "In-depth promotion of the leading strategy of party building to stimulate the vitality of grassroots party organizations", after the expert review, won the third prize of the "Hebei Province State-owned Party Building Project".

The award-winning project of the Baobian Electric Party Committee highlights the main role of the party's political core role and the party model's exemplary role. It closely links with the actual situation of the enterprise, and strives to explore the path of the political core role of the state-owned enterprise party organization, and comprehensively and objectively analyzes the current situation, party building work. The existing problems and the countermeasures and suggestions are put forward in combination with the actual situation. The research results of the project are not only the summary and thinking of the electrical construction work of Baoding for many years, but also the active exploration of the scientific level of the party building work of the state-owned enterprises under the new normal, with reference value and Practical value.

The award for the establishment of the Party of State-owned Enterprise of Hebei Province is the highest award for the theoretical study of party building in the state-owned enterprise system of Hebei Province. In this review, there were 185 reports on the final report of 119 units, and finally the first prize of 18 outstanding research results of outstanding party construction projects. There are 27 second prizes, 36 third prizes and 44 excellent awards. At present, the research results of these award-winning projects have been printed and published by Hebei People's Publishing House.

The award is not only an affirmation of the party construction work of Baobian Electric, but also a spur and encouragement for Baoding Electric to further improve the party building work. The Baoding Electric Party Committee will continue to strengthen the requirements of deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises and strengthening the new tasks of the state-owned enterprises to strengthen the new situation. Research work, enhance research capabilities, explore and practice the innovation and development of state-owned party building, and create a new and greater contribution to the construction of a strong economic province and a beautiful river in order to build a 'domestic first-class, world-renowned power transmission and transformation industry group'.