The company is currently unable to confirm whether there is a direct or indirect relationship between FF's sources of funding and the relevant commitments of the Company's related party receivables

Jia Yueting Pavilion Holdings of Lok Vision network shares continue to decline.

November 8, the music network announced that, as of November 7, Jia Yueting Pavilion held 986,297,719 shares of the company, accounting for 24.72% of the company's total equity, of which 868,858,714 shares have been pledged, accounting for 21.78% of the company's total equity, the shares of its holdings have been completely frozen, waiting to be frozen. The securities daily reporter noted that compared with the October 31 statistics, Jia Yueting Pavilion shares decreased by 10.75 million shares, compared with June 30 this year a total reduction of 37.96 million shares.

According to the Jia Yueting Pavilion side of the previous email response, its judicial disposal of shares used to repay the debt. According to a previous announcement by LeTV, on September 14 this year, China Minsheng Trust took the lead in Jia Yueting The 136.52 million shares of Le Vision Network held by the Music pavilion to pledge, thus opening the Jia Yueting Pavilion to pay off the debt curtain.

September 17, Guotai Junan announced that it is scheduled to start on September 13 90 natural days through the judicial can be sold to freeze the two level market centralized bidding transactions, the disposal of Jia Yueting Pavilion pledge 39.54 million shares of Lok Vision Network. The agency then took action.

Guotai Junan pledged to the 6.16 million shares pledged by Jia Yueting Pavilion on September 21, and the eastern securities pledged 3 million shares and 5 million shares of Lok Vision network pledged by Jia Yueting Pavilion on October 15 and October 26 respectively. However, at present, Jia Yueting Pavilion is still the largest shareholder of LeTV network.

According to the 2018 three quarterly report of the LeTV network, as of September 30, the second largest shareholder of LeTV Network was the company of Tianjin Ka Rui Hui Xin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., with a shareholding ratio of 8.56%, which has now been fully pledged. In addition, LeTV also announced that the company's current debt types include financing loans, operating liabilities and non-operating liabilities, of which, as at the end of November, the outstanding financial institutions borrowing debt category of about 1.923 billion yuan.

There is a risk that the company will not be able to honour. The FF, recently founded by Jia Yueting Pavilion, continues to clash with Evergrande and to launch global financing. LeTV continues to carry out risk alerts, stating that the company has no knowledge of FF's long-term strategic planning, future production and sales, nor does it directly or indirectly hold any of FF's benefits, and has no equity relationship or any partnership with FF;