Entering the Expo: Benefiting domestic consumption upgrades | Building a new bridge of mutual benefit and win-win

As the world's first import-themed national exhibition, China International Import Expo is a major innovation in the history of international trade. November 5-10, 2018, with the theme of 'New Era, Sharing the Future' The first China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as 'Incoming Expo') was held in Shanghai. 172 countries, regions and international organizations, more than 3,600 exhibiting companies, 300,000 square meters of exhibition area, involving automobiles, smart and high-end equipment, Consumer electronics and home appliances, medical equipment and medical care, food and agricultural products, clothing and apparel, consumer goods, service trade and many other fields, 400,000 domestic and foreign buyers, will build into a new era of China's development opportunities, deepen International economic and trade cooperation, a super-large stage to achieve common prosperity and progress.

At the grand meeting, 'shocking' and 'eyes' became the real experience that it left for visitors. The reporter team sent by China National Network recorded their journey of viewing with such a description. 'We hope to record each booth. Wonderful, but in fact every day drowning among more than 100,000 visitors, and in a few days, the exhibition area of ​​300,000 square meters can only be seen. We choose to focus on home appliances, intelligent manufacturing, wisdom. Medical and automotive exhibition areas, because these areas allow us to truly touch the foreseeable 'future'.'

Innovation, benefiting mankind

'Innovation is the first driving force'. President Xi Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the Expo is still in the ear. 'Benefiting mankind is the most powerful driving force for technological innovation. Sharing the innovations in the global village of Hume and the United States is the unanimous voice of the international community. And realistic choices. Countries should grasp the opportunities brought about by a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, strengthen cooperation in frontier fields such as digital economy, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology, and jointly create new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models.

After visiting the Wisdom Medical Exhibition Hall, Lu Shenghua, editor-in-chief of China National Grid, said, 'I am deeply impressed by the home care robots displayed by Japanese companies, let me really feel the greatness of modern technology and its role in real life. Really possible. 'He believes, 'With the advent of an aging society, aging products and care and care for the elderly become social problems. If the robot is 'smart' enough, enough 'popular', we will save a lot of manpower. Resources, while effectively reducing the 'abuse of the old', 'harmful old' incidents. In the development of the 'silver economy', Chinese companies still need to learn more from Japanese companies.'

Toyota Care Robot

As an upstream industry related to home appliances, Lu Shenghua is also interested in smart equipment areas. 'Intelligent manufacturing has risen to the national strategic level, and intelligent equipment represents 'future productivity'. Take Japan as an example, there are data forecasts, there will be 300 by 2050. Wantai industrial robots work 24 hours a day, which is equivalent to an increase of 9 million working people, and the monthly salary paid to each robot is only 17,000 yen (about 1034 yuan). At present, domestic enterprises still lack large-scale research and development. The ability to apply industrial robots, including many manufacturers such as Midea, Haier, Gree, etc., is the direction of their efforts. Intelligent equipment occupies about one and a half exhibition areas in this exhibition, including ABB, FANUC, KUKA The world's top intelligent equipment manufacturers and service providers, such as Zhizhi Fujio, Mitsubishi Electric, Canon, etc., provide a new way for Chinese manufacturers to compare, learn, communicate and trade.

China National Grid reporter Xue Kui has also become a 'fan' of this year's Expo. After experiencing the baptism of many exhibits, he sent out such a feeling, 'I think that foreign brands exhibited in the technology and consumer electronics products The craft is unique, in particular, it is a high-end and heavy feeling. Moreover, many foreign brands have paid great attention to the exploration of the Chinese market in recent years, and launched a series of products developed for Chinese consumption habits. One point is very good; another point is that imported products entering the Chinese market will make some subsequent adjustments in color to meet the aesthetic habits of our nation. It can be said that the importance of the Chinese market is constantly rising. For example, the gas in the forest, Bosch's all-round chef machine, GE's refrigerator with coffee machine, are not common in China, but they are very practical and have a good quality of 'good things'.

GE's refrigerator with coffee machine

He highlighted the color TV technology of Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and other companies. 'In recent years, our media has reported on China's black power technology, panel technology has surpassed Japan and South Korea. But from the actual situation of this exhibition, I think In these respects, Japanese and Korean companies are still worthy of our national brand.

He mentioned that the slogan from the Samsung booth is 'Do What You Can' t, 'I think, this shows the ambition of Korean companies in the field of new technology. At the meeting, Samsung exhibited multi-size QLED 8K TV and 8K quantum processor, 130-inch IF series LED digital signage; car smart cockpit, car display and car entertainment system. In addition, they also showcase smart home, intelligent building, IoT management platform, high performance computing + manual Intelligent solutions, as well as LPDDR5 running memory, USF mobile memory card, mobile solid state drive X5, 5G communication chip Exynos modem 5100 and other high-tech products. This comprehensive strength is still the direction of most Chinese home appliances and consumer electronics companies. '

Samsung QLED 8K TV

Production and sales docking

November 5-10, just on the eve of China's online shopping carnival 'double 11', and the holding of the Expo, undoubtedly played a role in this carnival.

On November 6, at the inaugural Global Import Leaders Summit, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong announced that in the next five years, Ali will gather the power of the digital economy to achieve a global import of 200 billion US dollars. This plan covers its Tmall , Tmall International, B2B, Box Horse, Yunxiang, Yintai, RT-Mart Retail and other digital economy businesses, involving more than 120 countries and regions. In the meantime, Tmall International opened the 'Directly into the Expo' page Bring the consumer directly to the exhibition site to place an order.

Marcia Nejaim from Brazil said, 'We chose to cooperate with Alibaba and officially launch the Tmall National Pavilion. In the future, 500 Brazilian companies will enter the Chinese market through this platform. Brazil will also strive to provide more information and support. To help companies better understand the needs of Chinese consumers, and let more innovative, high-quality products be loved by Chinese consumers.

Jingdong is not willing to lag behind. During the Expo, Jingdong Group is the main body, and it is expected to sign and purchase nearly 100 billion yuan of imported goods directly at the Expo, including Miji, Bosi Appliance, Tiger, Delong, Dell, Maranz and other internationally renowned brands have signed the first high-order orders for imported goods into China.

Suning has signed an order of 15 billion euros on the spot and plans to introduce 5,000 overseas brands into China. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Holding Group, said, 'We will base ourselves on the Chinese market, cooperate with world enterprises, and promote new products driven by new technologies and new demands. Building a cooperative order to create a new generation of 'global smart supply chain' driven by smart retail. '

E-commerce companies including Vipshop, NetEase Koala, etc. have thrown out their own import procurement plans. During the entire Expo, they will set the most import orders in a single week.

In addition to direct import of goods, the Expo also set up a new platform for cooperation between domestic and foreign companies.

Taking home appliances and consumer electronics companies as an example, on November 5th, Hisense Group and Honeywell officially signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation in Shanghai, which will target interconnected logistics solutions such as big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and intelligent terminals. High-performance materials applications for joint development, while helping to build an integrated logistics ecosystem.

In recent years, Hisense has been committed to B2B business development, and has entered the fields of smart transportation, smart medical care, etc. In the view of Jia Shaoqian, vice president of Hisense Group, smart logistics is developing rapidly and has broad prospects. 'Hisense's original logistics model can no longer meet the business. Rapid growth, not adapting to the diversified development strategy. This cooperation is based on Hisense's existing fluid volume in the manufacturing industry, and has achieved advantages with Honeywell's leading logistics supply chain, sophisticated technology and platform-level software and hardware products. Complementary. '

On the same day, Haier and NXP signed a memorandum of cooperation. NXP is the world's largest provider of automotive electronics and artificial intelligence IoT chips. The two sides said that they will carry out all-round technical and commercial cooperation in the fields of smart home appliances, Internet of things and smart manufacturing. Dedicated to exploring cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, edge computing, and voice technology in smart homes and cities. In the next three years, NXP will provide Haier with tens of millions of dollars worth of semiconductor products, such as controllers, processors, and RF. And security solutions.

World chorus

'The Chinese economy is a sea, not a small pond.' President Xi Jinping’s speech was very loud. 'China International Import Expo is hosted by China. The World Trade Organization and many other international organizations and many countries are participating together, not Chinese chorus, but National chorus. '

In this unprecedented sing, the foreign-invested companies participating in the exhibition are more confident in China's economic development.

Jin Shiyan, Managing Director of Shanghai Linnei Co., Ltd. believes that 'Incoming Expo will help foreign brands to introduce foreign high-quality imported products into China's vast consumer market and adapt to China's growing mid- to high-end consumer demand. From Lin's own perspective, the group can be In Japan, the United States and other regions have developed mature, high-quality, comfortable gas appliances, sanitary products presented to professional Chinese buyers, professionals, media and consumers, so that Linne products are well known to the wider population.

At the site of the Expo, Lin displayed his 98-year history. This old brand of 'Eternal Evergreen' grew up with China's reform and opening up. The forest uses the words '冉, 燃,然' Its past, present and future. 冉, on behalf of the company's vitality; burning, on behalf of its main gas combustion control technology; Ran, said natural harmony, to create a comfortable and environmentally friendly life for users. Xue Kui believes that 'Linner will develop gas technology At a new height, the gas rafts, gas dryers, 'whitening soup' bathing systems and other products they introduced at the show are new things that have never been tried for Chinese consumers. 'The promotion of infrastructure will have more consumers interested in gas appliances.'

Born on November 11, 1911, Whirlpool is about to celebrate its 107th birthday. At the Expo, Whirlpool demonstrated the W-series technology kitchen. Whirlpool China Chairman Wu Shengbo said, 'China is the world's largest consumer electronics market, gestating Huge development potential. Whirlpool hopes to further cultivate the Chinese market, which is also an important component of Whirlpool's global layout. At present, we have established clear goals and strategies, and hope to rely on a global platform to create a localized product suitable for China. Resources to enter new kinetic energy for the Chinese market. '


After walking through one booth after another, Lu Shenghua said that there are not many new products launched at this year's fair, because November is generally not the peak of the release of new products. 'Everyone brings their best products to the present, with a point, For the consumers, they are all new things. They are entering the scene and seeing the trend. 'Different from the ordinary exhibitions, the Expo is a gathering of professional exhibitors from all provinces and cities in the country. They are both audiences and potential. Consumers and brand communicators have a positive impact on promoting consumption upgrades and expanding brand awareness.