Foreign media: Folding machine will become the next trend in the smartphone market

Recently, everyone may have heard that Samsung is about to launch a foldable mobile phone. Many people are very much looking forward to it. This foldable mobile phone is indeed a big innovation, and some people even predict that it will lead the trend of smart phones. Recently In the past few years, the development of the mobile phone industry has been tepid, and mobile phone manufacturers have been looking for breakthroughs to reinvigorate the mobile phone market, which is caught in the stagnation of innovation and sluggish sales. Recently, the mobile phone market has injected a new vitality, that is, it can be folded without breaking. Flexible screen.

Samsung and several competitors are preparing to launch this kind of screen. This new screen can reveal the potential of mobile phones for work and entertainment, and the foldable screen can expand the display to the size of a mini tablet. Folded into a wallet size, although the idea is very good, innovation is also, but after all, there are technical difficulties, price and durability are also to be considered.

If Samsung really succeeded in developing this foldable screen, this will be a revolution in the mobile phone industry. It is not difficult to find that the foldable screens seem to have similarities with the old-fashioned flip phones. They may look similar, but, innovative. The point is that the foldable screen does not require a hinge, and its screen can be bent. Samsung announced plans to produce a foldable mobile phone five years ago, and it has not been officially launched yet. It is conceivable that the technical difficulty of manufacturing this screen is still quite The big one. However, recently, Samsung held a conference and finally revealed some details of the development of this mobile phone.

In the conference, Justin Denison, senior vice president of mobile product marketing at Samsung, said: 'Our previous mobile phone screen was limited to mobile phone size, but we are about to enter the new era of mobile phones.' This conference, in addition to briefly showing the new machine in hand Almost no details about the phone were disclosed, but Samsung said it is ready to go public next year.

Indeed, the news of the Samsung Folding Machine has indeed aroused everyone's interest, and has been active in the sluggish mobile phone market. Now the frequency of changing mobile phones is getting lower and lower, the new mobile phones have not changed much, except for some minor functions. For example, cameras and batteries, everyone is not willing to pay for a new machine, mobile phone manufacturers are constantly looking for innovation to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

According to data from the Internet Data Center (IDC), the above is the main reason for the continued decline in smartphone sales for four consecutive quarters. In the 12 months to September, smartphone sales fell by about 4%. According to Internet data center calculations, global Samsung’s largest smartphone vendor’s shipments fell by 7% over the same period. Although Samsung will launch a foldable phone, it’s unclear whether the new phone will stimulate mass consumption, and the new machine is expected to sell for more than 1,000. Dollar.

In addition to Samsung, other mobile phone manufacturers are also preparing to launch a foldable mobile phone. A small company called Royole Corp in Silicon Valley, whose FlexPai foldable mobile phone is listed in the US, is expected to sell for between $1300 and $1,500. It will be available in China next month for about $1,300.

Although the foldable phone sounds great and innovative, Internet data center analyst Ramon Llamas doubts the usability and durability of the foldable phone. One of the biggest questions now is that if you fold the screen repeatedly, No bad points, the phone display will not be affected. In response to this problem, Royole Corp also responded that FlexPai can be folded more than 200,000 times and does not affect the phone display.

Overall, the innovation of this phone is really great, and we look forward to it really leading the new trend of mobile phone development.