Jiang Feng: Thirty Winds Huazheng Mao | China Household Electrical Appliances Association Helps Industry Set Ahead | 'New Journey'

From 1988 to 2018, thirty years have passed the hair of a generation of young people. But it is this 30 years of turbulence that has witnessed the rise of Chinese household appliances from a poor white to a 1.6 trillion industrial scale. In 2018, it coincides The 30th anniversary of the establishment of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, standing at the intersection of time, Jiang Feng, chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, combed her thoughts on the past and future work of the association, in order to better serve the industry and lead the future of China's home appliances ' .

Jiang Feng, Chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association

'For 30 years, the Home Appliances Association has been serving the development of China's home appliance industry, leading the industry toward a healthy, correct and sustainable direction. In the future, around this goal, the Association hopes to build for you in a broader space. Communicate, help each other, show your own better platform. '

Recalling the past

In the early 1980s, Jiang Feng, who had just stepped out of the school's 'ivory tower', was still a little girl. He sneaked into the circle of home appliances and walked around for more than 30 years. Thirty years of age, with I have gone through the years of youth, and I have experienced the courage and resoluteness of today. In the busy daily work, some memories are sealed and precipitated. Some memories have been used for a long time, and some of them have affected the development of China's home appliance industry.

'In the work of the association, there are countless issues that have a crucial impact on China's home appliance industry. If the impact is far-reaching, such as the initial work of the association, the promotion of the chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant replacement work and energy-saving work of refrigerator products, so far. Still playing a positive role in the development of China's refrigerator industry, 'Gui Feng recalled.

Back in the 1990s, China's refrigerator industry was booming, and strong domestic demand ushered in a 'good day' for refrigerator companies. At this time, most companies have weak understanding of chlorofluorocarbon substitution. Under the leadership and support of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the Ministry of Light Industry and other ministries and commissions, the support of domestic enterprises to carry out the replacement of chlorofluorocarbons. At that time, the technical strength of Chinese refrigerator enterprises was generally weak, and it lacked environmental awareness. Very large. We have developed an alternative strategy, organized corporate visits and exchanges again and again, and hoped that everyone will recognize the importance of the replacement of chlorofluorocarbons, and step by step to follow the pace of foreign refrigerator refrigerant replacement.

More than ten years later, when China joined the WTO and Chinese refrigerator companies began to export in large quantities, the era confirmed the foresight of the association's work. China's environmentally friendly refrigerant refrigerators passed the environmental certifications of advanced countries such as the European Union and North America, breaking the international trade's "Green barriers", for China to become the world's largest refrigerator manufacturing country, the exporting country 'issued' the 'passport'. In the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Montreal Protocol, Jiang Feng mentioned, 'We are not engaged in environmental protection to hinder the development of the industry, and It is to promote the progress of the industry. It is precisely because the association has spared no effort in promoting the promotion of environmentally friendly refrigerants in the refrigerator in the 1990s. Today, the Chinese refrigerators are unimpeded in the international environmental certification. Today’s international competition, not only the cost-effectiveness of the products, but also the technology. The content, but also the environmental quality. The application of environmentally friendly refrigerants, so that Chinese refrigerators have maintained an advantage in international competition. 'At the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol in Canada, the association won the 'Partnership Award', the only global 5 institutions received this honor.

Entering the new millennium, as the refrigerator refrigerant replacement work is coming to an end, the association has once again started the R290 refrigerant working environment replacement for air conditioners and other products. This action is not only an environmental appeal, but also a strategic depth. Jiang Feng pointed out that ' The refrigerant is the blood of air conditioners, and the patent and use rights of refrigerants such as R32 have always been controlled by foreign companies such as Honeywell and Mitsubishi. If the association does not promote R290, the blood of Chinese air conditioners must be controlled by others. , the formation of patent and bargaining power double 'card neck' situation. Now, precisely because we have R290 replacement technology, it gives domestic air-conditioning companies a better room for maneuver, the international patent giant is willing to use R32 patents for free. As a major air-conditioning manufacturing country, it is in the long-term interests of the industry to promote R290 replacement work.

In addition to environmental protection work, the classification of China's household appliances energy-saving standards was first proposed and promoted by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association. 'In 1995, the association paid attention to the energy efficiency grading standards of household appliances in foreign inspections. The following year, we and China National Institute of Standardization Cooperation introduced this standard into China and promoted its formulation and upgrading. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, we have combined the research on environmental protection and energy-saving technology of refrigerators, and held the 'refrigerator environmental protection and energy-saving technology exchange meeting'. By around 2000 We will upgrade this exchange to a broader technical conference covering the broader field, and promote the era of home appliance industry change with a more comprehensive technical perspective.

Jiang Feng pointed out that the international vision and the thinking of advancing with the times have been infiltrated in the work of the association. With the arrival of the Internet of Things and the era of big data, the association has built a 'smart home appliance together with seven domestic and foreign mainstream home appliance companies. Interoperability Standards 'Framework. Today, outside the traditional home appliance companies, Lenovo, Huawei, Yunzhiyi, graffiti and other cross-border companies are also coming within the framework agreement. Jiang Feng said, 'Openness and cross-border has become our era The theme, the future of home appliances and mobile phones, will assume the role of intelligent terminals. And open is undoubtedly the basis for the realization of unbounded communication. The establishment of the standard of interconnection, is to build the future smart home, and even the top-level design of the intelligent society, is to master The initiative of the times. '

In addition to the construction of smart interconnection standards, with the continuous emergence of consumer consumption and household appliance subcategories, the association has started group standards construction in recent years, which has led to the “Methods for Quality Evaluation of Rice Cooker Cooking Rice”, “Safety Life of Storage Water Heaters” ", "Common size and installation and configuration standards for home-embedded kitchen appliances" and many other group standards, and set up a new committee of smart bathroom special committee, Meijian personal care committee, to serve the development needs of the industry.

Industry Self-Regulatory Platform Association

At the same time as the 'heling' industry development trend, the China Household Electrical Appliances Association has also made a lot of efforts in promoting industry self-discipline and building enterprise exchanges and development platforms.

Jiang Feng recalled: 'After around 2010, there have been a lot of vicious competition events in the household appliance industry. Enterprises are not concentrating on internal construction, but are busy dismantling each other and attacking each other. The momentum of bad dumping is growing. 'At this time, it is worth '12 At the beginning of the five-planning, the home appliance industry is facing a major issue of transformation and upgrading. However, the serious internal consumption of the industry has made it impossible for enterprises to devote themselves to construction. 'At the time I was in office, at a standing council, we will be self-disciplined in the industry. It was placed on the table, and the unfair competition behavior of the company's reaction was discussed openly, and the impact of these behaviors on the healthy development of the industry was analyzed. This meeting made the managers of the company deeply touched. After that, after several discussions, China's mainstream home appliance companies have reached a consensus that the problems between enterprises can be solved through self-coordination within the industry. Everyone should focus on enterprise development and innovation. Finally, the results of several meetings have formed the fair of China Household Electrical Appliances Association. Competition industry self-discipline convention. Later, the convention was revised several times, and issues such as energy efficiency and false propaganda were also included. The industry has become a clear environment, laying a good environment for the transformation and upgrading of China's home appliance industry. Recently, with the advancement of supply-side reforms, we have adjusted the convention to meet the needs of the times.

Referring to the work of the association, AWE is undoubtedly a must-have. In September 2018, AWE passed the UFI international exhibition certification and took an important step towards the world exhibition. Referring to AWE, Jiang Feng sincerely felt for it. Pride, 'In recent years, AWE's development has exceeded our expectations for it. This is the most proud achievement of the association's work--AWE has become an international platform for Chinese home appliances and consumer electronics companies to show their brand and strength.'

'AWE is not only a platform for presenting cutting-edge technology in China's home appliances and consumer electronics industry, but also a platform to showcase the transformation and upgrading of the home appliance industry, or a platform to showcase the new image of Chinese corporate brands. 'Jiang Feng pointed out.

For a long time, the impression that Chinese home appliances have left to the world is 'manufacturing big country', 'OEM big country', and the product image has been labeled as 'low-end and low-end' label. But AWE shows the world's domineering, shocking side, will be 'in the Imagining happening 'to bring into life, to present a new look for Chinese home appliances to consumers around the world.

In addition, AWE is also a platform for consumers to experience smart life in the future. It is a platform for domestic and foreign traders to conduct business cooperation. It is also a platform for Chinese and foreign investors to explore opportunities and understand corporate value.

Jiang Feng observed that in recent years, when AWE started, it was the time when home appliance stocks triumphed. 'For home appliances, people have become accustomed to it and lack imagination. But through the new products displayed by AWE, we have subverted everyone's cognition. In fact, in 2012, the 5~6kg drum was already the representative of the large inner cylinder, and now the company has shown us 15kg, and it can also clean the high-grade washing machine. This kind of tangible progress is when the consumer uses After the 15 kg washing machine, it will never return 5~6 kg. '

Open the future 'new journey'

'Standing on the historical node of the association's 30 years of existence, I have been thinking about how to carry forward. 'Gui Fengsi cableway, 'The views of Mr. Zhang Ruimin from Haier gave me inspiration--Haier proposed the concept of building a platform-based enterprise, and the future association The work should also be developed in the direction of building a platform-based service organization. '

Jiang Feng believes that the China Household Electrical Appliances Association itself is a service-oriented organization, and has already built platforms including AWE exhibitions, special committees, and technical conferences. However, these platforms need to be continuously improved over time to better undertake the future. Mission. Therefore, perfecting the existing platform is the primary work of the association.

Second, on the basis of the existing platform, the association has to build more platforms. With the transition of Chinese consumers to quality life, emerging categories are constantly emerging, and the association needs to stand at the forefront of new products and new trends. On the basis of the platform, the expansion is realized. Taking the beauty protection appliance as an example, the association paid attention to the development and problems in this field in 2018, established the 'Meijian Personal Care Committee', and released the industry's first consumption research report. The industry's normative development is escorting. Jiang Feng pointed out that 'the association's group standards have just set sail, but each standard solves the industry's urgency. In the future, we must speed up the pace, increase efforts, and generate more solutions. Program. '

Third, the association should improve its ability to accurately grasp the direction of industrial development. 'I have always emphasized the right direction,' Jiang Feng pointed out, 'In the past three decades, the association has grasped the development of some industries, but it is still far from enough. With the disappearance of industrial boundaries, the inherent 'environmentalism' of the home appliance industry is melting, cross-border exchanges in various industries are becoming more frequent, and the correct direction is becoming more difficult. In this situation, the association must train a pair of eyes and grasp the correct The direction, lead the company to take less detours, do not take detours. '

Taking the development of smart home appliances as an example, we are marching on a road that no one has ever walked. There is no experience to learn from. We need to constantly subvert the inherent cognition and reconstruct the context of thinking. In this process, individual enterprises or groups are inevitable. Produce confusion and increase trial and error costs. At this time, industry organizations such as associations are needed to grasp the direction from the big place, enhance corporate confidence, and help enterprises get out of the misunderstanding of cognition. ' In fact, the association is also doing this, from the cloud interconnection standard. The development, in cooperation with the China Communications Standards Association, China Communications Research Institute, the association is describing the top-level framework of China's smart home appliances development, guiding the cross-border of home appliance enterprises.

Fourth, the association should continue to improve the governance structure of the board of directors, the standing council, strengthen the construction of its own talent pool, improve the personal business quality of employees, and improve the cognitive ability of the industry. 'In the end, the work of the association needs to be shared by employees. Collaboration. Talent is the foundation of all the work of the association! 'Gui Feng stressed.

Under the careful cultivation of Jiang Feng and other generations of leaders, the 30-year-old Chinese Household Appliances Association is flourishing; in the new era, a new starting point, Chinese home appliances are ready to go, ready to embark on a new journey.