Not only the goods are still being dumped? The 11th eve of the home appliance market is a bit more gray

Some people say that the biggest feature of this year's Double 11 is that home appliance companies are not profitable. In fact, no home appliance manufacturer will do a loss-making business. Even some manufacturers' current sales losses are also the future profit strategy. But, 窜Goods, the price of goods caused by the dumping, but it is worthy of all corporate vigilance.

In the home appliance market, the problem of stocking goods has always been accompanied by the maturity of the industry. Because of the interest-driven, there will be contradictions between supply and demand and price differences between different channels. However, at the same time of stocking, it is often accompanied by the dumping. Restocking the low-priced stock or inferior goods, re-branding and earning the difference. If the damage is the brand's sales system, then 'selling' will not only hurt the manufacturer, but also the user and the market. s damage.

A bad news is: This year's double eleven has not yet arrived, the phenomenon of 'selling goods' and 'selling goods' in the home appliance market has been extremely serious. A large number of low-priced products from home appliance chain hypermarkets, e-commerce platforms, home appliance enterprises inventory 3. To the third- and fourth-tier markets, the village and town markets are rapidly flowing, and there is an unprecedented tide of stockpiling.

In the off-season, most of the original stocks were either in the regional economic circle, or some terminal wholesalers deliberately sold at low prices, especially during holidays or promotions, there was a phenomenon of cross-regional stockpiling. This year’s double tenth Before the stock was so serious, it was another year that the entire market continued to slump, whether it was e-commerce, or chain stores, dealers, and the days were not good. They all wanted to clean up the inventory by 'Double Eleven'. Lead to price system disorder.

The reason why this phenomenon lasts for a long time is that it is profitable. Because the brand home appliance enterprises give different retail channels, the dealers at different levels have different incentives, which sometimes causes the price difference to exceed 2%. With the increasing popularity of online channels, low prices Under the main strategic impact line, the goods are more high.

Not only is the stocking serious, but the phenomenon of dumping has also appeared frequently in recent years, and the 'downlords' have bought and sold as soon as they have the opportunity. Because of the fierce competition in the home appliance market, especially the market shuffling, this gives the opportunity to 'fail'. 'Tangye' from the poor business conditions, the manufacturers on the verge of bankruptcy, get the goods at low prices, and resell the profits. Some of them will have quality problems or repair machines, repair, change their face, and sell again.

This phenomenon even exists in many large manufacturers or foreign brands. Some dealers say that sometimes foreign brands are well-known, but in China's market operations, the control of channels is very limited, and there are often many problems in circulation. Inventories are often dumped out of stock by the way of dumping, and then sold in the market. Previously, these inverted products mostly flowed to the third- and fourth-tier markets, and now there is another place to go - e-commerce platform.

What's more, some resold products have different quality problems. Dealers with repair and after-sales capabilities will repair and modify these problems, change brands or make changes and turn them into first-hand products for sale on the market. That is to say, many 'repair machines' are mixed into the market and circulated because of the goods.

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For the home appliance industry, it is not unrealistic to completely eliminate this phenomenon. Especially at the node of 'Double Eleven', there will be an explosion. However, in open and fair competition. In the environment, only home appliance companies to create competitive, differentiated products, so that dealers at all levels can make money, dealers also strengthen self-discipline, in order to alleviate this phenomenon, to create a healthier industry and market environment.