After one more addition, Xiaomi mobile phone officially entered the US market!

At present, the global mobile phone Samsung Apple Huawei is the best, and Huawei has made the fastest progress. In the second quarter of this year, Huawei temporarily surpassed Apple in sales, and once became the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer, targeting Huawei. Only Samsung is one. And Yu Chengdong is making a bold statement. He will officially surpass Samsung at the end of next year and become the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer.

However, the problem facing Huawei is still not small, because although Huawei is in the world's largest mobile phone market, China is calling for the rain, and it has gained a good share in Europe, but there is still a place. Huawei is the most troublesome, that is the US market.

Compared with the Chinese market and the Indian market, the biggest advantage of the US market is that there are more high-end consumers. Once you gain a foothold in the US market, it means that the sales volume and profits of mobile phones can rise sharply. At present, the US market is still firmly established. It was occupied by Samsung and Apple, but Huawei was excluded. When Huawei Mate10 was released last year, it had already reached cooperation with US operator T-Mobile, and the result was temporarily suspended.

But recently, one plus officially announced that it has reached a cooperation with T-Mobile, the third largest operator in the United States, to sell the latest one plus 6T mobile phone. It can be said that this is a historic progress, which means that domestic mobile phones are finally justified. Cooperated with the US operator to compete with Samsung Apple.

CCTV also reported on this matter, the competition of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to the sea has come to a new stage. After one plus, Xiaomi also officially announced its entry into the US market in December, which will be held in December, New York, United Kingdom, London, United Kingdom. A press conference was held to release several heavy products to the local market. In fact, some products have already entered the US market before Xiaomi, but this time it is the first appearance of Xiaomi mobile phone.

It is still not clear how Xiaomi will cooperate with which carrier in the United States. In fact, as early as the release of Xiaomi MIX in 2016, a large number of US users strongly demanded that Xiaomi mobile phones be released to the US market. They like Xiaomi mobile phone performance. Strong, low price performance strategy.

According to the official Xiaomi Overseas, the model to be released on the day of the conference is Xiaomi 8 Pro, which is the domestic Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version. Xiaomi will still be the main price/performance ratio in the US market, and will continue to be popular in China. The model was brought to the US market! Looking at the plus-cut millet to enter the US market smoothly, it is estimated that Huawei is still very worried.

But Xiaozhi believes that these domestic mobile phones can enter the US market smoothly, and they should have a close relationship with them and Qualcomm's close cooperation. After all, this can give the United States some security. Huawei is different, at baseband, chip, communication network. With your own patented technology, it is not difficult to understand why Huawei is hard to enter the US market!