If the hammer mobile phone is not sold well, learn to use Xiaomi to play peripheral products?

After the release of the hammer 11.6, it was rumored that this nut R1 Peacock Blue was the last out-of-print mobile phone of the hammer. Then Luo Yonghao responded to the mobile phone and will continue to do it. After all, the 1 billion financing did not run out soon, although it was released some time ago. The news that the Chengdu branch closed down, but Luo Yonghao has been blamed one by one, the news will certainly not be a hole in the wind, even if the Chengdu branch did not close down, I think the situation will not be too optimistic, because the hammer technology mobile phone seems to have a resounding sales, the new launch Peacock blue is also to stimulate sales?

It seems that the sales of the Nut R1 flagship machine of Hammer Technology has generally led to a big dip in the price, and the drop even exceeds 1500. This should be the fastest model in the flagship machine. The original price of the 8G+128G version is 4499 and 1,500 now as long as 2999. As for why the price is so fast, I don’t think I need to say more, you also understand why, and diving too fast makes consumers feel insecure. Who will dare to buy your new product in the future? Month is more affordable?

The hammer's release conference seems to make people feel that they are too unscrupulous. The manufacturers that sell a mobile phone have done so many peripheral products? You think that you can learn Xiaomi, people's brand awareness and traffic have How big is your hammer's popularity? So you see a list of humidifiers, air purifiers, suitcases, speakers, etc., one by one, it seems that it is a high-end brand with a good reputation. But how is it actually and how much of these products can be sold only by Luo Yonghao!

Maybe Hammer Technology has to open several press conferences to seek traffic and attention? And to keep the cake stalls large enough to continue financing? Perhaps Hammer Technology wants to quickly enrich its peripheral products to open a new retail model under the line. Hammer House? But these things are based on brand awareness and attention. Xiaomi I believe that many people know their brands, the products inside are cheap and grounded, but the hammer products are so high. Is it for the money to collect IQ tax?