Baoan District carried out special rectification work for plastics

This year is the 10th anniversary of the promulgation and implementation of the 'plastic limit order', in order to further increase the special rectification work of plastics and plastics, improve the effectiveness of supervision and law enforcement, effectively curb 'white pollution', protect the ecological environment, respond to social concerns with practical actions, Shenzhen market and quality The Baoan Bureau of the Supervisory Committee will carry out special rectification work for plastics from November 1st to December 31st, urge the operators to consciously abide by the relevant regulations of the 'plastic limit order', and advocate consumers to establish environmental protection consumption, green consumption concept, refuse to use Unqualified plastic bag.

It is reported that this special law enforcement action will focus on illegal sales of commercial markets such as shopping malls, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., the use of unqualified plastic bags and the provision of plastic shopping bags to consumers for free or disguised free of charge. In particular, strengthen the farmer's market. Supervision and inspection of plastic bag franchise stores. Baoan requires that market start-up enterprises should sign a “Completion of 'Restriction of Plastics' Responsibility Letter” with the operators on the site to clarify the behavior of market promoters and operators to purchase, sell and use plastic shopping bags. Standardization, law-abiding commitments and breach of contract responsibilities, and the implementation of the main responsibility is not in accordance with the situation. At the same time, we must actively guide the market promoters to set up a plastic shopping bag sales platform, production enterprises 'plant hooks' sales points, etc. Accelerate the establishment and effective improvement of the purchase and sale mechanism of qualified plastic shopping bags in the market, and create a model benchmark market.

On the 10th anniversary of the implementation of the 'plastic limit order', Baoan will widely publish the "Limited Plastics Notice" and the limited plastic service advertisements in various retail outlets of the whole district, and vigorously broadcast through various media such as radio, television and internet. Promote the harmfulness of 'white pollution', and launch an initiative to promote green, low-carbon, and life-saving ideas, and call on consumers to consciously resist ultra-thin and unqualified plastic shopping bags.

Market supervision departments investigate and focus:

1. Unlicensed and unlicensed production, sales of plastic shopping bags;

2. Produce, supply, and sell plastic shopping bags that do not meet the relevant national standards (thickness less than 0.025 mm);

3. The number, price and amount of the plastic shopping bags purchased by the consumer are not separately indicated on the sales voucher (except for the market where the market is operated in the form of a rental booth, which is difficult for the consumer to issue the sales certificate);

4. Selling plastic shopping bags without indicating the price or not indicating the price according to the specified content, and selling plastic shopping bags to consumers without discount or other means at the indicated price;

5. Providing plastic shopping bags to consumers free of charge or in disguise;

6. To purchase plastic shopping bags from plastic shopping bag manufacturers, wholesalers or importers that are not legally established, without obtaining relevant licenses, to establish the purchase and sale of plastic shopping bags.