Low demand | ABS prices continue to fall

The Asian acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene market fell again in the week of November 1st, as demand in the Chinese market continued to be sluggish. The decline in prices did not stimulate the buying interest of downstream users, as buyers expect prices to fall in the short term. decline.

According to statistics from Anxun, the spot price of Asian ABS has fallen below US$1,700/tonne (CFR, Northeast Asia), and the price of some transactions is even lower than US$1,600/ton. In early October, the spot price of Asian ABS was about US$1,785/ton. .

With the end of China's third-quarter manufacturing export season in October this year, demand for resins, including ABS, has gradually decreased. At the same time, the continued US-China trade war has also suppressed the sentiment of market participants. A Chinese trader said that demand Weak, buyers are mostly watching. ABS resin is widely used in home appliances, toys, consumer electronics and automotive and construction industries.

Some Asian installations in the fourth quarter have been shut down for maintenance, which has not boosted market sentiment. Sellers are still under pressure in transportation, and buyers are hesitant to purchase. Due to the US-China trade war, the economic outlook is bleak, prompting end users. Taking a cautious attitude has led to weak demand and a slowdown in trade. A Taiwanese manufacturer said: 'The market outlook remains uncertain, leaving many uncertainties among buyers.'

At the same time, the fall in raw material prices has also put downward pressure on ABS prices, especially from the styrene monomer and butadiene market. A Southeast Asian producer said: 'The recent decline in the price of styrene, the main raw material, bought for ABS Home confidence has had a greater impact. 'Anxun data shows that on October 31, Asian styrene prices fell by $25/ton from the previous day to $1,165/tonne (CFR, China).