Guozhen Township shuts down two waste plastics processing plants

Recently, the staff of Guozhen Township Management Station found Jianzhong Village in the daily inspection process. There are two plastic crushing processing plants in Modao Village. Because there is no EIA approval procedure, there is no pollution prevention and control facilities, and it is suspected to open the factory illegally. November 7 On the day, the Guocheng Township United District Environmental Law Enforcement Brigade rushed to the scene to investigate and verify the two plastic processing plants. It was found that the two factories used to wash the waste plastics recycling system did not conduct environmental impact assessment and did not obtain a sewage permit. The personnel immediately shut down the two plastic processing plants, seized the broken machine head according to law, eradicated the production waste, and demolished the construction of the Jianzhongcun plastic processing plant illegally to build 200 square meters. Next, Guozhen Township will continue to maintain the environmental rectification high pressure situation. In accordance with the 'zero tolerance' attitude, the company cracked down on illegally arranging enterprises, and severely punished the phenomenon of illegal discharge of sewage and incineration of waste.