BASF launches car digital color visualization platform AUROOM

On November 7, 2018, BASF Coatings launched the AUROOM digital platform, through which original equipment manufacturer (OEM) designers can access virtual car color databases with photo-realistic effects. BASF's virtual color captures cars The omnidirectional angle of the coating, including brightness dynamics, color dynamics, and sparkle effects. By applying these colors to different car models, OEM designers can virtually draw a variety of color schemes and get them at the beginning of the design. The most realistic feel of the car color and its effects. AUROOM is very useful for OEM designers, which can speed up and complete the entire color design process, because designers will no longer rely solely on physical models that need to be painted and transported. Sample. AUROOM brings more innovative features. For example, real-time side-by-side comparison of different tones of the same color group to select the appropriate color more quickly.

'Automotive coatings are highly complex colors, texture, color position and surface treatment together to create a holistic look. Digital color allows users to see the effects of these color parameters on 3D shapes on their respective models, which is more intuitive and easy to understand. 'Mark Gutjahr, head of automotive color design at BASF Coatings Europe, Middle East and Africa, said. BASF works with almost every car manufacturer on the market. Currently we offer more than 600 colors in Europe and are still innovating. Now The vast combination of colors will be scanned by the camera and complex mathematical models will be used to process the large amount of appearance data generated during the scan, while BASF's colorimetric know-how helps ensure the trueness of the color. Thus, OEMs can be on the AUROOM platform. Access a variety of color data and render data on different 3D shapes provided by the platform or on CAD drawings of their own models.

BASF's virtual colors capture the full range of automotive coatings, including brightness dynamics, color dynamics and sparkle effects.

Krzysztof Patryk Stolarzewicz, Head of Global Strategic Marketing at BASF Coatings, said: 'Digital, especially in the automotive industry, is an important topic. We have extensive experience in developing color schemes in the lab. Now we can digitize color schemes, And create digital reproductions of photo-realistic effects. For our customers, this means that the color decision process becomes easier. They can also use this data in their specific branded car configuration program to make car buyers You can experience the colorful car colors to support their buying decisions.'

At the beginning of the launch, BASF's virtual color scheme will be the first to serve original equipment manufacturers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to the digital platform, customers have the opportunity to pass a European color design studio in Münster, Germany. The specially designed AUROOM 'simulated twins' showroom experiences this technology. In order to present colors and effects in the most realistic way, BASF has also developed a special virtual 3D car styling. The virtual styling simulates the various shapes of the car body, such as BASF's iconic Disc shape. OEM designers can select various shapes of different vehicle parts in AUROOM to visualize the color to evaluate whether the selected color is compatible with the overall design concept.