With the increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection, the removal rate of VOC concentration in silo exhaust gas has put forward higher requirements, the relevant personnel of the devi

Since this year, Maoming Petrochemical attaches great importance to environmental protection management, in order to ensure that the emission standards emissions, March 10, Chemical Division No. 1th High-pressure new heat storage incinerator (that is, silo exhaust gas purification RTO device) officially started construction, lasted more than half a year, October 16 16:40 Manual Test ignition Success,

November 5 The official introduction of exhaust gas combustion, marking the No. 1th high pressure silo exhaust gas purification RTO device officially invested. The sample analysis data of the environmental monitoring station have come out, and the total hydrocarbon concentration of non-methane is 11 mg/cu, which is much better than the standard of 60 mg/cu.

November 5 16:45, Maoming Petrochemical Chemical Division of the joint Central control room came a cheer. The project is a key environmental protection project of Maoming Petrochemical, using Beijing Ansinda Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. 's ' Rotary regenerative oxidation incineration (RTO) ' process processing technology, used to deal with the 1th high-pressure polyethylene plant post-treatment unit of the silo exhaust, dry gas pumping ethos and extruder tail pumping ethos, The ethylene gas in the silo exhaust gas is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and finally the standard emission is achieved, which effectively reduces the concentration of VOC (volatile organic compounds).

The device changed the original design of the top of the degasification silo, the direct high of the exhaust gas into the atmosphere, the processing capacity of 36000nm3/h, about more than 9 million yuan.