Synventive has not reached an agreement with HRSflow's good plastic hot runner renewal

In 2014, Synventive signed a patent technology licensing agreement with Ingers Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, Ingers and its HRSflow Plastic Hot Runner Division are authorized to use, including electric execution. Some of the Synventive intellectual property rights in the automotive and exterior industries, including the use of sequential needle valves to control the hot runner system. This type of technology is used in the automotive interior and exterior industries to help improve the injection molding process and minimize the scrap rate of spare parts. Thanks to the patent technology licensing agreement signed in 2014, HRSflow Plastic Hot Runner Division successfully launched the electronic hot runner system FLEXflow.

The patent technology license agreement that Synventive and Ingers signed in 2014 to allow Ingers and its HRSflow Plastic Hot Runner Division to use Synventive related technology will expire on November 6, 2018. The two parties failed to sign a new agreement before the expiration of the original patent technology license agreement. For the new products produced by HRSflow after November 6th, if the Synventive basic patent and other patents issued after the original patent technology license agreement are issued, it will constitute Infringement of various patent rights of Synventive. For the investment initiatives of Synventive in new technology research and development activities and the intellectual property rights designed to protect such investment initiatives, Synventive regards it as a continuous business success for the company. Therefore, Synventive is committed to protecting its intellectual property rights and taking necessary measures to avoid misconduct such as intellectual property infringement when necessary.

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