Yangzi Petrochemical 1-butene products are exported to Australia for the first time

On November 5th, a container ship with Yangzi Petrochemical's 12-ton 1-butene product was exported to Australia for the first time, which marked the smooth opening of the company's 1-butene product export market.

This is Yangzi Petrochemical's export of 1-butene products as the starting point, building a product export platform, strengthening cooperation, taking multiple measures, opening up overseas markets, breaking through the domestic overcapacity, and striving to take the first step to create a follow-up product export. Condition.

1 - Butene is an important chemical raw material, mainly used as a comonomer for the production of linear low density polyethylene and poly-1-butene plastic. In recent years, with the continuous development of China's chemical industry, domestic 1-butene The production capacity is increasing rapidly, and the market tends to be saturated. Whenever the downstream equipment is shut down or overhauled, it will bring the risk of unsalable products and even the increase of the price of the products. The price will also appear to be falling. As of July this year, it is concentrated by the downstream equipment in the northern region. The impact of overhaul, the domestic 1-alrene market oversupply, the market price fell nearly 1,000 yuan / ton in a single month. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the device, improve product sales profits, break through the domestic overcapacity, Yangzi Petrochemical changes business ideas, will open up overseas The market will focus on the sales work in the second half of this year, and will pass on effective channels to seek information on product export cooperation.

In September, news came from Sinopec Chemical Sales Company that an Australian company needs to purchase 12 tons of 1-butene. Although the list is small, it is the key to whether Yangzi Petrochemical can win more orders. Yangzi Petrochemical attaches great importance to 1-丁In order to do a good job in this single business, Yangzi Petrochemical cooperated closely with the Jiangsu branch of Sinopec Chemical Sales Co., Ltd. to give full play to their respective advantages and made a lot of preparatory work, prepared a container suitable for transportation instructions, and a chemical safety data sheet. , Dangerous cargo tank filling tank safety and transport declaration and other documents required for customs declaration, communicate with foreign companies, fully understand the product requirements and related conditions, and dock the product indicators, logistics lines, smoothly opened the export link.