Baling Petrochemical caprolactam industrial chain will be relocated

On November 7, Hunan Provincial People's Government and Sinopec Group signed the "Framework Agreement on the Relocation and Upgrading and Transformation of Caprolactam Industry Chain of Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company" in Beijing. Chen Fei, Vice Governor of Hunan Province and Ling Yiqun, Deputy General Manager of Sinopec respectively Signed on behalf of both parties and held talks.

This is the spirit of the implementation of the Yangtze River Protection Environmental Protection Policy and the State Council's guidance on promoting the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemicals production enterprises in urban densely populated areas, deepening strategic cooperation, supporting Yueyang Municipal Government to build Dongfeng Lake New District, and enhancing urban development. The decision on taste and competitiveness is of great significance for promoting the transformation of Yueyang Petrochemical industry structure, optimizing and upgrading, and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

According to the cooperation intention reached by both parties, the relocation, transformation and development of the caprolactam industrial chain of Baling Petrochemical will follow four general principles: first, construction and post-demolition, and stability; second, transformation and upgrading, monetary compensation; third, innovation system, industry The fourth is the overall planning, step-by-step implementation. The two sides clarify that the entire project is divided into two phases: the construction of the new site and the closure of the old district.

On the same day, the Yueyang Municipal People's Government and Baling Petrochemical Company also signed the "Framework Agreement on the Cooperation of the Relocation and Upgrading of the Caprolactam Industry Chain of Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company".