Teijin acquires Inapal to expand European automotive business

Teijin announced that it has agreed to acquire Inapal Plasticos ("Inapal'", a supplier of automotive composites in Portugal. For this reason, Teijin Holdings, a holding company in the Netherlands, will acquire shares in Inapal.

The acquisition was completed in early August 2018 after the completion of customary closing conditions including regulatory approval.

Inapal Plasticos

Headquartered in Leca do Balio, Porto, Portugal, Inapal is a Tier 1 supplier of composite parts for the automotive and heavy truck industries. The company is able to use a wide range of materials and processes such as sheet molding compound (SMC), carbon fiber. SMC, Prepreg Molding (PCM), Direct Long Fiber Thermoplastic (D-LFT) and Glass Mat Felt Thermoplastic (GMT) for the production of Class A surface body panels, structural components and underbody components. The company is owned in Portugal. Two production plants serve OEM customers in Europe, including Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Bentley.

Headquartered in Leca do Balio, Porto, Portugal, Inapal Plasticos is a Tier 1 supplier of composite parts for the automotive and heavy truck industries.

In addition to its automotive and heavy-duty truck operations, Inapal supplies components for the heating and cooling industry and passenger seats for the passenger and rail industries. In 2017, the company's sales were 31.9 million euros. 'We are using Our lightweight, high-strength, high-performance materials and integrated composite technology are at the heart of our transformation strategy to achieve our mid-term management plan. 'Jun Suzuki, President and CEO of Teijin Co., Ltd., said, 'The acquisition of structural plastics in the mainland , opened a new window for us to position ourselves as a first-class supplier of high-performance composite materials for the global automotive market. In July, we announced JH Ziegler GmbH, the leading supplier of automotive interior materials in Germany (referred to as 'Ziegler' The acquisition of ' ) also opened a new window for us. The acquisition of Inapal now enables us to achieve our commitment to stakeholders, namely to promote our technology globally including Europe. We will use the mainland Structural plastics, Ziegler and Inapal's business capabilities seek synergies to continue to grow as a supplier of multiple material components This also allows us to demonstrate commitment itself as a provider of new business value made for the future of society. '

'Inapal's affiliation has also made Continental Structural Plastics a global leader in the lightweight composites industry,' added Steve Rooney, CEO of Continental Structural Plastics. 'With this, we can really say that we are providing lightweight for the automotive industry. One of the world's largest suppliers of composite parts. Our strategic positioning is to meet the needs of our customers, and we are ready to meet the rapid changes in today's industry.'

Teijin expects sales of its automotive composites business to reach approximately €1.7 billion by 2030. The company currently has the ability to serve customers in most parts of the world, including North America, Europe and Asia, and with major automotive OEMs around the world. Established business contacts.

Teijin will continue to enhance Inapal's operational capabilities, develop expansion opportunities, invest in growth markets and create value for all stakeholders, including employees, customers and partners.

Following the acquisition of Continental Structural Plastics in 2017, Teijin has been committed to upgrading its automotive business capabilities globally. Its new technologies include: Sereebo, the world's number one mass production technology for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP); In Europe, the group's core carbon fiber business, Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH, developed the TENAX Part via Preform ('PvP') technology. As a material processing technology, PvP enables thermosetting carbon fiber reinforced plastics ( Efficient production of CFRP) PvP is recognized as a first-class technology by European OEMs and is being used in the production of structural applications for current automotive platforms. In Pouancé, Maine-et-Loire, France, continental structural plastics in Europe The plant recently announced that it will install an SMC production line to enable the company's patented and award-winning composite technology to be readily available to European customers.