Selling Huadong successfully tested water polypropylene futures insurance business

Recently, Huadong successfully launched the first case to resolve the depreciation of polypropylene inventory depreciation risk commodity hedging business. The business used the polypropylene near-month contract to hedge the sales price, effectively achieving the purpose of avoiding the risk of price fluctuations. The new situation of the city's expansion.

In recent years, with the sharp fluctuations in international oil prices and the rapid expansion of domestic resin production capacity, the traditional polyolefin market has been hit by unprecedented impact. While the price volatility of resin products has expanded, Sinopec's market share and market influence have been challenged as never before.

In October, Huadong actively explored the new business model and took the first step of the current hedging practice. With the help of the commodity polypropylene futures contract, it achieved the goal of maintaining value and completed the first operation. New business model The introduction of the company not only strengthens the company's risk management, but also provides positive guidance for the rational planning and scheduling of production enterprises, realizes the locking cost, and preserves the value of the inventory. The sales of East China rely on the advantages of regional resources leading sales companies, and leverage the commodity financial derivatives. Strengthen market leading ability, make full use of the role of financial attributes discovered and led by futures instruments, further expand the scale of operations, skillfully respond to market risks, and enhance market voice. At the same time, the business directly trained the financial business team and improved the new normal. Risk management level and ability.