China Plastics Industry International Forum focuses on innovation

On November 6, the 14th China International Forum on Plastics Industry Development was held in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. Representatives and guests generally believed that the level of industrial structure mainly depends on the industry's innovation ability, and the low-end and homogenization of China's industrial structure. Is the root cause of the plastic industry is not strong.

Fu Xiangsheng, vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that the reason why China's plastics industry is big but not strong is that innovation ability is not strong. Many high-end plastic products rely heavily on imports. The key to the future development of the plastics industry is innovation, we must choose Key products, key technologies, aiming at major national projects and key projects, especially the technology and constraints bottleneck of 'ka neck', increasing the construction of innovation platforms, and concentrating on organizing innovation. At the same time, the plastics industry must seize the fourth industrial revolution. Historical opportunities, accelerate digital transformation, enhance the synergy effect of supply chain resources, expand the field of national cooperation and exchange, and achieve high quality and sustainable development of the plastics industry in innovation and cooperation.

Bai Hao, deputy dean of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, believes that the plastics industry will pay attention to high-end products in the future while paying attention to the basic products, especially some engineering plastic products with high added value, such as automobiles, high-speed rail, aerospace, etc. In addition, foreign plastics companies have made a lot of efforts in the compounding of basic resins for automobile manufacturers. The domestic plastics enterprises are still lacking in this aspect, and they should pay attention to them in the future.

Yu Ming, secretary of the Yuyao Municipal Party Committee, said that in recent years, the plastics industry in Yuyao has gradually bid farewell to the growth model of low and small, and has ushered in new opportunities for innovation and development. Currently, there are 333 plastics enterprises with annual sales income of over 20 million yuan, plastics. The annual turnover of the city field exceeded 100 billion yuan.

More than 600 people from domestic and foreign plastics industry associations, plastic leading enterprises, financial institutions and local governments attended the forum.