Tmall double 11, paint is also crazy! Beautiful Tu Shi Tmall flagship store, double 11 crazy 钜惠!

Hold the phone, keep your eyes on the screen, afraid of your favorite clothes, bags, make-up... slip away from your fingers.

Is this your portrayal of Double 11?

Wearing new clothes is not just a privilege of mankind!

While dressing up with yourself, don't forget to dress up the 'home'.

Don't have to make a big move, a little change, you can bring a new feeling to your home~

Wall problems are a headache?

The walls in the house are old, stained with soup, ink, leather shoes... Some places are even cracked, peeled, moldy, and various problems occur.

There are no years to go back, but there are houses that can be refurbished!

Want a child-only space?

Buying a new clothes for your baby is worse than buying a healthy and fun new world.

When there is a new life in the family, the attention to life has become a lot of time, and the wall has become a highland that has fallen seriously.

How can I have a good mood and a good idea to keep my baby?

Small change big difference

By changing a color, the whole space can behave differently.

Do you want to change colors, change your mood? Do you want to refresh yourself and fear that the smell is pungent?

Don't be afraid, take them home!

Decoration party & pickpocket party look over

Things related to 'saving money' must not be ignored

Let me sort out the carnival benefits for everyone.

US Tushi Tmall flagship store, double 11 crazy

1, pre-booking, preferential one step (full 400 minus 50, not capped)

2, in the first 30 seconds of November 11 single payment of 1000 to send 500

3, double 11 payment grab IPHONE XS! Double 11 the day the highest payment of the audience to IPHONE XS!

4, 10 yuan seconds good paint, November 8 - November 10, 20 points, 21 o'clock, 22 o'clock, 23 o'clock, open the grab.

In the golden autumn, it is the decoration season! Once refreshed, it brings not only the renovation of the wall, but also the conception of pursuing the ideal life.

This year's only carnival, come and be a good new home!