Into the Expo Home Appliances Zone: Imported products account for more than 80%

On November 5th, the first China Household Appliances Import Expo opened in Shanghai. In the home appliance exhibition area, various imported goods are also fighting for Fang Yan. Whirlpool exhibition area

Whirlpool released W series imported kitchen appliances

Sony booth

Sony's 360° surround panoramic camera attracts the audience to stop

Foxconn booth

The 8K TV is still the most dazzling of the Sharp booth.

Panasonic booth

Panasonic exhibited a transparent TV and became the focus of the pavilion.

Samsung booth

Samsung and Masalati sports car cooperation

Bosch Home Appliances Booth

Bosch dishwasher

Energy rate booth

Energy rate hood control panel

Linnei booth

Core technology in the forest

A.O. Smith booth

A.O. Smith Technology Show

General Appliances Booth

Oven exhibited by General Electric Appliances

3M booth

TPV Technology Booth

Philips TV Ambilight Technology

LAURASTAR ironing machine showroom

LAURASTAR ironing machine

Xiongjin booth

Xiongjin air purification technology show

Delong Small Appliances Booth

Delong small appliances

Kärcher booth

Glass button booth

Hans Sathers Co., Ltd. booth