What kind of dishwasher can you wash besides washing dishes? Ou Lin sink dishwasher tells you

Many people think that there is no need to buy a dishwasher. 'Why don't you have only a few bowls? Why do you have to buy a dishwasher? Just wash it.' If you think the dishwasher can only be used for dishwashing, That's a big mistake. The Olin sink dishwasher can not only wash dishes, but also wash fruits and vegetables, shelled seafood and children's products. You only need to spend a dishwasher to have a sink. , a faucet, a dishwasher, a fruit and vegetable purifier, a disinfection cabinet.

The Ou Lin sink dishwasher has an integrated design, just like the installation of a common sink, without the need to change the water to change the cabinet and other complex projects, but also save kitchen space.

Ou Lin sink dishwasher has 6 cleaning modes, standard washing in normal mode, strong washing under heavy oil, quick washing of a small number of bowls, and intelligent washing when it is impossible to judge.

In the intelligent washing mode, Ou Lin sink dishwasher adopts intelligent turbidity sensing technology, which can automatically customize the washing scheme to achieve the ideal washing effect.

Ou Lin sink dishwasher has super water and washing temperature is 5 degrees higher than the same industry - 75 degree high temperature washing, can easily decompose oil, strong tableware.

Ou Lin sink dishwasher uses residual temperature drying technology to reduce bacterial growth and achieve a healthy and safe washing process.

Ou Lin sink dishwasher for fruit and vegetable seafood and normal temperature wash function. Innovative water ion purification technology, can effectively remove bacteria, pesticide residues, hormones.

Ou Lin sink dishwasher, the average wash bowl, only 5.6L water and 10g detergent.

With such a dishwasher, you only need to dump the wreckage after eating, put the tableware into the dishwasher, and move your fingers to achieve one-button cleaning.

How? The original dishwasher is so versatile, does it feel necessary to buy one back?