Only by being able to adapt to market changes can we achieve ' Royal King '. From pure purification to strange! | of air Purifier ' Skill Tree ' | Did you point it off?

Since air purification was brought to market, it seems to have become a breakthrough for many enterprises to cut into the home market. Whether it is traditional home appliance manufacturers, or Xiaomi, hammer as the representative of the Internet enterprises, or startups, etc., have launched their air purifier products. But the air purifier, which had been rapidly popular because of haze and poor air quality, is now selling, with a ' red light ' at both the sales level.

And as a season, environmental factors have a strong impact on home appliance products, air purifier enterprises in the face of adverse market trends, but also actively launched a ' self-help '. For the time being, the iteration of the air purifier, the new speed is very fast, in the gradual from the pure essence of functional products to the design of beautiful, complex features of the comprehensive product excessive. As a result, the current market air purifier has become ' bizarre '. Even some air purifier manufacturers have made some innovations in the business model.

So does this mean that the ' skill tree ' of the air purifier is biased?

Sales, sales both plummeted, air purifiers touch the ceiling Needless to do, the poor air quality of previous years has made the air purifier this product rapidly popular. But last year it became the turning point for the development of this product, with almost no days of haze in the north throughout the winter, and blue sky and white clouds became the norm.

As a result, the air purifier, an original ' panicked ' product, was instantly hit by a trough, and until now it has collapsed. According to the Oviyun network released by the Air Purifier semi-annual report, the first half of this year air purifier market retail sales of 5.8 billion yuan, the year-on-year decline 29.5%--hit a variety of household appliances in the first half of the largest decline. In January-June this year, the overall size of the air purifier retail market was 2.25 million, down 28% compared with the same period last year, according to the research institute's Yikang data.

Sales, the double plunge in sales, meant that the air purifier touched the development ceiling. In fact, the air purifier was previously more of a freshly needed product, and the driving force that people buy it is mainly to deal with haze weather and bad conditions. Therefore, the relevant enterprises also focus on the technical level. Cadr value (Clean air output), CCM (cumulative purification amount), filter category grade, energy consumption grade, motor quality, purification technology, etc., has become the focus of inter-firm wrestling.

But in the face of a new market environment, just from the point of view of pure purification to build air purifier products have lagged behind the times.

Strange! Air purifier shows a whole new form Now that it has been determined that only playing purification can no longer form a consumer driving force, then the relevant enterprises soon found a new breakthrough. One of the most important directions is to incorporate the elements of more stylish design while ensuring the ability to purify.

In turn, let the air purifier get rid of the cold image, become more compatible with the home atmosphere.

For example, the domestic brand Smask launched an air purifier on the upper half is a fish tank, the lower part can purify the air, thus becoming a corner of the living room a landscape. and South Korean designer Seokmin Jang's creativity, is also being concerned by the relevant enterprises. He designed a wall-mounted air purifier with its own green implant system.

In this way, not only can purify the air, but also add more elements of nature to the home. In addition, there are companies that incorporate the ' hourglass ' element into the design of the air purifier, making it look a little more artistic.

And when this air purifier works, the water droplets in the hourglass will move up and down, adding a bit of beauty. As for Kang Feng, the enterprise has a different approach to the use of medical grade technology in household air purifier products.

In addition to purifying the air, the air purifier introduced by Kang Feng can also remove bacterial viruses and meet the needs of some consumers. In addition to the design, the business model of the air purifier is also changing. For example, some enterprises have adopted the ' rent purchase ' model, consumers only need to pay the deposit and rent, you can use the air purifier in a certain period of time. Such a way is ideal for popularity in winter.

Although there is no direct sale of products, but the ' rent purchase ' model is clearly more potential for development.

There is no point bias ' skill tree ', adapting to market changes is the king's Looking at these air purifiers, has it broken your innate perception of this type of product? They give the impression that the whole becomes ' more temperature ' and has a more sense of design. In today's downturn in the air purifier market, the emergence of these products, in fact, is also injected with ' fresh blood '.

For some consumers, they will also be more receptive to such air purifiers, which in turn generate a desire to consume. Therefore, in the form of changes in the pattern of changes in the air purifier, in fact, there is no point bias ' skill tree ', which is only in line with market changes. After all, in the fierce competition of the present, to survive is the most important.