Apple India sales waist, 10% 'fruit powder' | transfer to China mobile phone

In a report on November 7, Reuters pointed out that 'Apple is losing the Indian market.' The day is India's traditional festival Diwali, and it is also the most fierce time for electronic products in the country. However, last Saturday (3rd) The biggest Apple store in Bangalore is 'empty ' .

According to relevant data, Apple lost 10% of 'fruit powder' in India this year; and 10%-15% of Apple users in the country have recently switched to Chinese mobile phone dealers.

An Apple Store in India

Last week (November 2), Apple CEO Cook announced third-quarter results, saying that India's market sales remained flat in the fourth quarter. However, Counterpoint, a Hong Kong-based market research company, found through investigation that it did not seem to be the case.

In a report on the 3rd, the agency pointed out that Apple's mobile phone sales in India in the third quarter was nearly 450,000 units, compared with 900,000 units in the same period last year, which was almost "waist"; although there was a discount season in the fourth quarter, The sales of Apple's mobile phones will still be about 1/4 lower than the one million units a year ago - it will float between 700,000 and 800,000 units.

'Over the 2018, Apple will sell 2 million iPhones in India, a decrease of about 1 million units from last year,' said Counterpoint's research director Neil Shah. 'This means Apple's Indian market for the first time in four years. Sliding. '

Behind this, the biggest factor is that 'the Apple phone is too expensive.'

Samee Alam, an engineer in Bangalore, said: 'I have never used an Apple phone, I really want to try it. My main consideration is the memory capacity of the phone, camera and processing speed. But a new iPhone is going to sell in India. 100,000 rupees (about RMB 9508), I found that Chinese mobile phones are more cost-effective, and the same money can buy 3 functions (Chinese mobile phones).

He eventually bought a OnePlus phone for 37,999 rupees (about RMB 3,613): 'Apple is too unreasonable.'

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Counterpoint pointed out that one of India's high-end smartphone market in the second quarter of India successfully squeezed away Samsung and Apple, accounting for more than 40%, becoming the most popular high-end machine brand in India. Compared with the same period last year, one plus India Market share is only 9%. (Observer's net note: In terms of the second quarter of India's smartphone market share, Xiaomi, Samsung, vivo, OPPO accounted for the top four.)

Agawal, president of the Canadian company, said that 10%-15% of the brand's new users have been "rebellious" from the iPhone in recent months. According to Counterpoint's data, Apple lost in India this year. 10% 'fruit powder'. 'If your number of users is decreasing, you are losing market.'

The recent rupee performance is weak, plus the tariffs set by the Modi government for the 'Made in India' strategy, which makes the iPhone 'value rises'. But the 'price' is not the whole problem: Apple's 'troika' in the Indian market in 12 They left the company in the month. They are: dealers in the Indian region, heads in the mid-market business, and sales managers in the operators.

A spokesperson for Apple said that the three-person resignation has nothing to do with the 'performance of the Indian market'. But Reuters quoted a source, the other said that Apple is indeed planning to 'streamline the number of dealers in India'.

Navkendar Singh, an analyst with international data technology (IDC) in the US consulting firm, believes that Apple's business strategy is that it can't compete with the Chinese mobile phone makers with 'fast offensive' to seize the Indian market. 'Millet, OPPO, vivo are all open in India. The factory.

However, Apple’s confidence in India’s manufacturing industry is insufficient, and it is only willing to put its production line in China.

Apple's share price has been falling continuously in recent days (Day K line). Before the observers posted, Reuters sent the latest news, insiders revealed that Apple did not have any dialogue with Qualcomm on the '$7 billion patent fee issue'.