Online shopping appliances refused to routine, double 11 剁 hands know that it is not too late!

In recent years, the rapid development of the economy and the advancement of smart technology have made online shopping home appliances show the advantages that offline stores can't match. Consumers can browse the information of massive home appliances with a click of a mouse, regardless of geographical and time constraints. The range is large, you can enjoy all kinds of benefits and door-to-door comfort without leaving your home.

It is reported that in 2017, China's B2C home grid purchase market reached 490.6 billion yuan. In the first half of 2018, the scale reached 264.1 billion yuan. It is estimated that the domestic grid purchase market will be around 450 billion yuan in 2018.

This is not immediately to double 11, the home grid purchase has also reached the 'hands carnival season'. Although online purchase of home appliances are diverse, price parameters are transparent, saving time and efficiency, low-cost promotion is strong. But online shopping home appliances is a double-edged Swords, the obvious drawbacks of the advantages are also frequently exploding. Especially this summer is widely criticized for a lot of fake incidents, once the e-commerce platform low-cost inferior quality, high-priced counterfeiting and other issues have become the focus of consumer care and grievances.

Since the listing, many of the doubts about the sale of counterfeit goods and brand names have become more and more fierce. Recently, China National Grid-Realization Lab launched a video of “Putting more and more cheap water heaters to seek truth and truth”, which triggered widespread consumer attention. Zhongzheng Lab dismantled three electric water heater products purchased in August 2018 from the multi-platform platform, which are 589 yuan of 'Xinhu Haier' products, 328 yuan of fake 'sakura' products, and 185 yuan of Ke Alliance products. After dismantling and exploring, it was found that the three products not only existed the '傍名牌' behavior, but also had more serious unqualified conditions such as rudeness, efficacious effect, and virtual efficiency.

Although there are many types of inferior appliances that have been supervised and investigated, Gome, Xiaomi, Dangdang and other platforms have also been stationed in the fight, but online shopping appliances are not cheap, but must adhere to the principle, choose more on the integrated online shopping platform. Self-operated products, or official flagship stores of all major brands, official store products, to ensure that the quality of home appliances is guaranteed, after-sales nationwide warranty without maintenance trouble.

Coincidentally, some e-commerce providers on the Internet are dedicated to the same route. They are different in the table, and cut corners. The e-commerce products are generally low-priced and less-quality goods. For example, a three-door refrigerator, the online sales of 4,000 yuan in the early days, and the next appearance of the line is almost exactly the same, but it costs nearly 2,000 yuan. The store salesperson said that the general e-commerce customized version and the offline version will be issued There are some key points in the foam layer, panel, power cord, etc., such as the thickness of the foam layer, the ordinary foam layer is 5cm, and the e-commerce customized version is 3.5cm. Although it is only 1cm difference, the insulation performance of the refrigerator has A big difference will affect the refrigeration, energy consumption and other aspects of the refrigerator.

In this regard, Yangzhou Consumers Association reminds consumers that when shopping online, especially when it is much cheaper than offline, consumers should ask if they are 'e-commerce exclusive' or 'special custom' version, shop around Carefully pay attention to and compare the nuances of similar products in terms of weight, quality, and internal configuration, order or purchase as needed.

If the e-commerce is dedicated to household appliances, the 'small ninety-nine' behind the overseas purchasing appliances is even more serious. Where to buy it from where to repair. In recent years, Haitao, overseas purchasing sweeping robot, rice cooker, smart toilet cover, etc. Home appliances have become a fashionable thing for many young people. However, the foreign appliances that have come to China through the sea are 'not convinced': 110V voltage does not match the domestic standard 220V voltage, it needs to be used with transformers; foreign language instruction manual and operation The panel is difficult to understand; Haitao intelligent toilet cover size is larger or smaller than the domestic toilet; the key is that once the product is damaged, it can not be returned and there is no after-sales service point. Although some electrical brands can be globally guaranteed, some purchasing brands do not have corresponding repair shops in China. Even if it can be repaired, consumers often have to pay high postage and long waits. The most embarrassing thing is that the home appliances that Haitao bought back are 'Made in China'. It is really better to buy it directly in China.

In response to the enthusiasm of some users' foreign moons, the consumer rights advocates said that Haitao's small appliances should not only weigh the quality, price and other factors, but also need to know the warranty content in advance, familiar with the after-sales service process and logistics process. It is best to know whether the relevant technical parameters of the product meet the domestic standards, whether it can be guaranteed in the country, and do not blindly follow the trend to buy high-end imported home appliances.

Conversely, compared with the risk of buying home appliances overseas, it is not as good as domestically purchased quality and after-sales home appliances. Recently, Beijing Consumers Association has 30 well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Xiaomi, Cobos, Dyson and iRobot. The sweeping robot products were compared and tested. The results showed that one-third of the 30 sweeping robots were not cleaned; some domestic brands did not lose international brands, and the Mijia sweeping robots scored the highest scores. It is not difficult to see that nowadays in China Small household appliances are completely comparable in technology and design level and surpass foreign brands, and are more convenient in terms of after-sales service, in line with the national 'three guarantees' policy.

In general, with the upgrading of consumption and the change of consumption concept, the 'lazy' economy of online shopping appliances is widely favored, but the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping appliances are dependent on each other. It is convenient, quick, and time-saving. It is also full of traps. In the tenth year of the double 11 剁 hand promotion season, online shopping appliances should be rationally placed, avoid impulsive consumption, to benefit from the benefits of online shopping platform to bring our good is king.