Samsung foldable phone officially unveiled!

In a few weeks, Samsung has been building momentum for its collapsible smartphones, and the machine is finally officially unveiled. Samsung claims that its foldable phone technology is Infinity Flex Display, and the phone itself has a tablet-sized screen that can be folded into a pocket. .

Samsung demonstrated a 'disguise' device at today's developer conference and dimmed the lights to protect its design elements. 'There is a device here,' said Justin Denison, senior vice president of mobile product marketing, 'and amazing He then showed a device that was folded into a tablet and then turned into a bar-like shape. The device included a display that served as the external screen of the phone and a 7.3-inch flat-panel display.

With what Samsung calls a multi-active window, the device can run up to three applications simultaneously. According to Denison, Samsung will begin mass production of Infinity Flex Display within a few months.

Google has also officially supported this new collapsible device with Android, and is working closely with Samsung to launch the phone next year. Google is providing guidance for developers to start using the existing features built into Android to support These foldable displays.

However, Samsung is not the only mobile phone manufacturer dedicated to folding devices. According to reports, Huawei plans to launch a foldable mobile phone next year. Lenovo and Xiaomi are also beginning to build their prototypes, and LG is also developing flexible OLED displays and TVs. Machine, Microsoft is even developing a multi-screen device.