Big bargaining, high-value consumables have been purchased! The cities and towns no longer organize price negotiations.

Medical Network November 6th High-value consumables key varieties with the purchase of quantity is coming soon. Or end the behavior of crazy bargaining in various cities, recruiting and combining, the right to receive.
Recently, Jiangsu Province has just been established. health The committee issued "on the establishment drug And the notice of the dynamic procurement mechanism of key varieties of high-value medical consumables (Su Wei Pharmaceutical [2018] No. 21), decided to establish a dynamic procurement mechanism for key varieties of drugs and high-value consumables in Jiangsu Province.
Photo: On the morning of October 25, 2018, Jiangsu Provincial Health and Health Committee listed
Source: China Jiangsu Net
The above mentioned "Notice" mentioned at the beginning, to prevent from the source medicine In the field of commercial bribery in the field of purchase and sale, the overall goal is to focus on rectifying the prominent problems in the field of medicine purchase and sale. By carrying out the procurement of key varieties and dynamic quantities, we will further reduce the high price of medicines and high-value consumables, and regulate the purchase and sale of medical and health institutions.
For the purchase of high-value consumables, the basic principle of the “Notice” is to adhere to the centralized procurement of provinces, implement a platform, price-price linkage, and recruit and match; for the implementation of high-value consumables with quantity procurement, There are key varieties that have a large purchase amount and an abnormal increase in clinical use.
The "Notice" also clarifies that the dynamic quantity procurement work is organized semi-annually in principle, and the specific matters of procurement are in accordance with the "2014 Jiangsu Province high-value medical supplies centralized procurement implementation plan" and "2015 Jiangsu Province centralized drug procurement implementation plan" Regulations are enforced.
Different from the previous purchase of high-value consumables in Jiangsu Province, the volume procurement is based on the province of Jiangsu and the relevant provincial finalists. enterprise Conduct bargaining procurement. According to the total amount of procurement and use of the province's medical and health institutions provided by the provincial trading center, the company shall make online quotation within the specified time according to the principle of volume and price, and promise to quotation not higher than the company's products in other provinces of the country ( Autonomous region, municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the provincial-level winning (final) price of the lowest price.
After the quotation is formed, on the basis of this, the jury will organize the expert group to follow the principle of quantity and price linkage, fair and reasonable, and negotiate the price with the enterprise (the specific negotiation rules will be formulated separately).
Regarding price negotiations, one important point is that in recent days, various cities in Jiangsu Province are negotiating prices, and even the final price of high-value consumables is linked to the net. hospital The actual minimum purchase price is leveled, although the hospital is not allowed to negotiate twice, but the cost of such operation is comparable to the hospital's second bargaining.
The "Notice" clearly states that the purchase price determined by the Jiangsu Province price negotiation is the actual purchase price of the province's medical and health institutions. It is not a provincial-level final price. The cities no longer organize price negotiations, prohibiting medical and health institutions and The company conducts 'second bargaining'. That is, the high-value consumables key varieties will be collected and negotiated to the review committee, and the bargaining price is more concentrated and efficient.
For the sake of openness and transparency, the "Notice" mentioned in the supervision and implementation, the jury and the provincial trading center should closely cooperate, and carry out relevant work in strict accordance with the negotiating rules, to ensure that the key varieties of the dynamic procurement process are fair and equitable, and the procedures are standardized.
At the same time, the distribution of the procurement of quantity is also carried out in accordance with the "2014 Jiangsu Province high-value medical supplies centralized procurement implementation plan" and "2015 Jiangsu Province centralized drug procurement implementation plan" relevant provisions.
However, according to the analysis of Huazhao Instrument Network, Jiangsu's quantity procurement is based on the large amount of purchases and the increase in clinical use. It requires the accumulation of platform data. Currently, the procurement platform for consumables in Jiangsu Province is not perfect, and some cities ( Nanjing, Suqian and Yancheng) The data has not been docked, and there is no data support for the procurement records of medical institutions on the provincial platform. It is unlikely that high-value consumables will be purchased in a short period of time. The purchase of drugs should be carried out first. step.
It is worth noting that the procurement of high-value consumables is not only for price reduction, but also focuses on rectifying the prominent problems in the field of medicine purchase and sale. This outstanding problem should include the purchase and sale of bribes. The “Notice” clearly mentions a sentence’ The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has comprehensively and strictly governed the party’s special responsibility for supervising opinions and rectifying work requirements.
From this point of view, the key varieties of high-value consumables in Jiangsu Province are similar to the high-value consumables monitoring system in Henan Province. The former is to negotiate the price of abnormally high-value consumables by province, and to eliminate the low price. There may be purchase and sale bribes; the latter is the key to monitoring the high-value consumables in the hospital, the top ten in the month, the continuous emergence of varieties may be considered abnormal operation in the purchase and sale, but also to avoid buying and selling bribes the behavior of.