However, it must be caused by consumables manufacturers and suppliers to pay attention to the landing of these policies more or less will bring no small pressure on supplies sales, in the future for p

Medical Network November 8 in recent years, the provincial assessment and supervision of hospitals is becoming more and more stringent, especially on the use of public hospital supplies reagents and the unreasonable growth of medical costs of monitoring, but also ' strict ' on a new level-in addition to the cost of abnormal hospital provincial notification outside,
Also require the hospital full network to disclose medical expenses information!
November 5, the Anhui Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission issued a work dynamic, announced the 2017 National Public hospital Comprehensive Reform effect evaluation assessment, Anhui Province in the country's 32 provinces ranked second.
It is pointed out that Anhui Province can achieve such achievements, inseparable from the Anhui province to 224 public hospitals, including from consumables, testing reagents, control fees and other five aspects of the unreasonable increase in medical costs of the key monitoring. Dynamic expression, Anhui Province in the past days, the province's 100 urban public hospitals and 144 county-level public hospitals on a monthly basis monitoring, analysis, and provincial hospitals and municipal indicators ranking of the province to inform.
The market and provincial hospitals with abnormal indicators are tasked with finding the reasons and rectifying them for a limited period of duration. In addition, Anhui Province also requires strict control of unreasonable growth in medical expenses, from Drug , consumables, inspection reagents, control fees, health reform monitoring Five aspects, the adoption of 14 specific measures, the implementation of a weekly newspaper system, and the relevant indicators behind the city and provincial Hospital
Informed at the Provincial health reform Promotion Conference. More than that, in order to fully implement the Medical Service information social disclosure system, Anhui Province is to require all two or more public hospitals in the province to publicly on the site every quarter to the public medical Services information information, including medical institutions basic situation, medical expenses, medical quality, operational efficiency, mass satisfaction and service commitment and other 6 aspects of the content,
Accept Social Supervision! Various measures show that the monitoring of hospital consumables and reagent abnormal costs in Anhui Province has become normalized.
From ' monthly testing, provincial exposure rectification ' to ' weekly newspaper system, conference notice ' to ' Level two hospital online ', layers in-depth, supplies reagent key monitoring requirements have become more and more stringent.
It is speculated that, in the next step, the supervision and assessment of public hospitals in the field of consumables and reagents in Anhui Province will probably no longer be limited to the control of unreasonable cost increases, supplies, the supply of reagents, and even the return of money are most likely to be included in the assessment category.
Under such vigorous supervision, the supplies supplier ' with gold sales ' and other improper purchase and sale means is obviously not feasible, if the red line, Head Start is sure to be severe punishment.
In the future, Anhui Province will continue to deepen this public hospital reform, and strive to make public hospital physiotherapy costs become more and more open and transparent.
' key monitoring of hospital supplies ' is not limited to Anhui
Not only in Anhui Province on the abnormal cost of supplies reagent strict monitoring, earlier, Henan province issued a ' double ten system ', indicating the strict grasp of the ' hospital unreasonable cost of supplies growth ' determination. Among them, Leihe Wei Planning Commission exposed the country's first hospital supplies use for two consecutive months ranked in the top ten list, up to 30 kinds of high-value consumables. At the same time, we also reported that the use of consumables is large hundreds of Doctor Service personnel.
Next, the hospital to start self-examination verification, and then into the medical staff interviews and related supplies after the discontinuation, restrictions and other links. In the past October, Jiangsu Province has also issued the "establishment of public medical institutions in our province drug supplies Purchase "Percentile Assessment and evaluation system" notice.
It is clear that Jiangsu Province will establish a drug supplies procurement percentile assessment system, ' centralized procurement ', ' two-vote policy ', ' supply support ', ' use monitoring ', ' payment payment ', ' standard process ' and so on are the focus of the assessment, directly linked to the performance of the hospital.
Whether it is Henan, Jiangsu, or Anhui, the current treatment of hospitals and supplies problems of the focus of work is ' monitoring '. Whether these policies can effectively reduce the unreasonable use of resources such as hospital consumables, as well as the abnormal increase in medical costs is not yet conclusive.