Double 11 promotes the development of high-end products of household appliances | The trend of consumption upgrade is always forward

Double 11 years, from the original Singles Day to the current global shopping carnival, from the initial purchase discount to buy cheap to buy quality now, buy a personality, a generation of consumers grow in ten years, industrial upgrading in ten years, the trend of consumption upgrades always before.

New consumers consume their individuality and enjoy their demands

In the past ten years, the generation of major consumers from 1975 to 1985 was born to the generation born between 1985 and 1995. The generation born in 75-85 years experienced the early days of China's reform and opening up, and the growth environment was relative to their fathers. Improvement, but this generation of people still has the traditional Chinese simple, frugal character, more consideration of performance and price when purchasing products. And the generation born between 85 and 95 years, the time of growth China's rapid economic development, computers, mobile phones are Their access to information, storm-level information impacts their thoughts. This generation of people's consumption concept, the outlook on life has undergone a tremendous transformation. They are individualized, life is about pleasure, not will. This is long ago When they buy a product, they think more about product performance, the added value that the product brings to the user, and not the price factor.

Double 11 high-end category accounted for more than the whole year

Although the e-commerce festival gives consumers the impression that the products are cheap, the products sold by the double 11 are not low-end. Consumers are more willing to buy high-end products, and think that the high-end products are more powerful during the double 11 period, so According to the sales results, the proportion of high-end products during the double 11 period is higher than that of the whole year. The above picture shows the weekly monitoring data of Zhongyikang e-commerce, 2017 55-inch color TV, broken-wall food machine, IH rice cooker and other products. The high-end products of the stars have increased their proportion in their respective categories. If from the data of the past years, the consumption upgrade of China's household appliance industry is also an irreversible trend.

China's economy is steadily advancing, and China's economy is developing steadily. The annual high-speed growth of GDP has made the income and consumption capacity of residents continue to rise. This is a strong support for China's consumption upgrading trend. During the 11th period, there were 726 million tourists in China. The year-on-year growth was 9.43%, and the number of outbound tourists reached 7 million. The trend of high-end consumption, personalized, and the change in new consumer trends represented by tourism during the 11th period, let the choice to purchase home appliances during the double 11 period. The increase in the number of such products has made it the second largest month for home appliance sales in addition to the Spring Festival in November.

The improvement of consumer spending power, consumption habits, industrial upgrading support, and the promotion of more revenue from channels have created the upgrade of today's dual 11 high-end products. This year's double 11 was opened from October 20, and the current 65-inch large-size TV reservation is currently available. The quantity has far exceeded the small and medium size of 32 inches. Double 11 promotes the development of high-end products of home appliances, and the trend of upgrading home appliances to high-end personalization is irreversible.