With high-quality service, build a better life in the future. Historic moment! Blue Sky Dolphin on behalf of China's green building new materials industry appeared in the Expo, once again shining on

Blue Sky Dolphin Green Building New Materials Co., Ltd. as a representative of China's green building new materials industry to participate in the event.
Overlooking the venue of the Expo The Expo is the first national exhibition on the theme of imports on a global scale, which fully reflects China's belief and determination to expand imports and further expand its opening.
A total of 172 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Canada, regional and international organizations participated, more than 3,600 enterprises participated in the exhibition, and more than 400,000 Chinese and foreign buyers to participate in negotiations and procurement.
In the Expo-China-Russia symposium on building materials, the chairman of the Blue Sky Dolphin Dongbin and deputy general manager Huangqiumio participated in the meeting and delivered an important speech, and held in-depth talks with representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
Blue Sky Dolphin Chairman Dongbin attended the original
I believe that in the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the blue Sky Dolphin Tripartite Exchange collision, the Expo-China-Russia Building Materials Field symposium will have an earthquake impact on the Chinese green building new materials market.
Huangqiumio, deputy general manager of Blue Sky Dolphin
At the meeting, Blue Sky Dolphin Green building new materials company deputy general Manager Huangqiumio on the Blue Sky Dolphin enterprise strength and blue Sky Dolphin brand Development direction made a detailed introduction.
Huangqiumio, deputy general manager of Blue Sky Dolphin
Blue Sky Dolphin: Green building new material leader Blue Sky Dolphin is a brand manufacturer focused on green building and building assembly products, with 310,000 square meters of China diatom industry demonstration base.
The total investment plan of the project is 3 billion yuan, the annual output value can reach 100 billion yuan. Deep tillage technology, excellent innovation.
After several years of R & amp; d and innovation, the Blue Sky Dolphin now has 52 national patents, and with Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Technology to reach a close relationship between school and Enterprise.
Aerial view of Blue Sky Dolphin production base
Blue Sky Dolphin: Leading domestic, internationally recognized
Blue Sky Dolphin is an EU CE certification in the industry, German Rhine certification, Singapore PSB certification brand manufacturers. As the domestic industry leader, Blue Sky Dolphin has been to international standards as the yardstick, spare no effort to open up the international market.
Blue Sky Dolphin has partners and agents in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe.
Blue Sky Dolphin products out of the country, is a positive guide to the domestic diatom mud market, but also the international market for the Blue Sky Dolphin Enterprise recognition of the best proof!
Dongbin the former president and Mr. Kiril Sierga Lammenshaw a cordial photo
Dongbin the former president and Mr. Coo Yury, Moscow office of the Sino-Russian Fund, took a cordial photo
Blue Sky Dolphin: Comprehensive product, green one-stop integrated system
Huang always introduced the one-stop integrated system of Blue sky Dolphin Green building materials to nearly hundreds of participants at home and abroad, and emphatically introduced the high-tech achievements of nano-silicon glass vacuum microbeads insulation coatings. After rapid development, Blue Sky Dolphin set up paint, waterproof, insulation, plate, construction ' five-in-one ' green building materials one-stop integrated system, the construction of a thick blue sky dolphin competition barriers.
Fully demonstrated the Blue Sky Dolphin ' from the bottom to the face ', ' from the inside out ' of the deep environmental protection concept.
Blue Sky Dolphin Green one-stop integrated system
Blue Sky Dolphin: Xu you healthy and environmentally friendly future
In the Industrial development: Blue Sky Dolphin will take Beijing as the product center, to the northeast mineral base for diatom mineral raw materials supply origin, to the northeast, east China, Hunan three places for the production base, the formation of covering the northeast, north China, east China, the Midwest product supply system.
In the service strategy: Blue Sky Dolphin firm Environmental protection, new material product concept, through product quality and technology patents to cultivate the core competitiveness of the brand, through the perfect sales and service network, service system, service quality to win consumer trust, with the ' Supreme Care ' service concept to establish the brand status of the industry leader.
Blue Sky Dolphin Enterprise brand experience store in Singapore
After this visit to the expo negotiations, Blue Sky Dolphin established three years of listing, 10 annual industrial output value of hundreds of billions of early targets. With the implementation of the ' Belt and Road ' initiative, Sino-Russian economic exchanges are becoming more and more frequent.
As a positive responder to the national policy, pioneer, blue sky Dolphin to practice the ' Belt and Road ' new requirements, in strict accordance with the country's innovation requirements, deep docking ' One belt, One road ', so that belong to our own brand out of the country. Craftsman Immortal, craftsmanship lasting, blue sky Dolphin will, as always, with environmentally friendly products, transmission of green health concept;
With high-quality service, build a better life in the future. Historic moment! Blue Sky Dolphin on behalf of China's green building new materials industry appeared in the Expo, once again shining on the international stage