Xiaomi TV purchased in Jingdong found cracks, consumers applied for replacement of goods blocked

Recently, a netizen said in the Sina Tianjin Consumer Complaints Channel that he bought a Xiaomi TV in Jingdong Mall on October 7 and arrived in the morning of October 8. On the evening of the same day, he found a crack on the top of the TV screen, so he went to Jingdong Mall. Apply for a replacement.

On October 13th, Xiaomi sent engineers to the door to check. The netizens will take a photo of the test, upload Jingdong, wait for the Jingdong audit results, and have had many communication with Jingdong customer service during the period. On October 16, Jingdong gave the audit result: need to pay for the netizen Maintenance. Netizens do not accept, think that there is a problem with product quality, Jingdong should not refuse to exchange, so continue to complain. On October 18, after several communications, Jingdong gave the final solution: TV does not change, but can compensate Netizen 200 yuan Jingdong coupon. For this program, netizens still refused, strongly demanded a return. As of now, Jingdong customer service has not yet responded to this matter in Sina Tianjin Consumer Complaint Channel.

According to the test results issued by Xiaomi engineers on October 13, the specific reasons for the cracks cannot be determined. That is to say, the human factors cannot be ruled out. I don’t know if Jingdong’s reasons for refusing to return the goods are based on this. Double eleven is coming, here also reminds The majority of netizens, when buying large items, must open the box on the spot and carefully inspect the goods. Otherwise, if there are quality problems, it will bring unnecessary trouble to the claim.

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