Statement on Maintaining Brand Image against Black Media Blackwater Army

Chinese brand auto companies have been striving to improve product quality and user experience over the years. The brand image is gradually improving and more and more recognized by consumers. According to JDPower's China New Car Quality Research (IQS) report, Chinese brands and international brand new cars. The quality gap narrowed for seven consecutive years from 2011 to 2017. Since 2000, the gap between PP100 (number of problems per 100 vehicles) has narrowed from 396 points to 15 points, such as odor inside the car, air conditioning, noise, fuel consumption and the like. The problem of frequent complaints from consumers is being significantly improved.

We are very pleased to see that Chinese brand auto companies are paying more and more attention to consumers. The strong supply chain and complete independent R&D system support have made many long-term problems that have been criticized by public opinion improved. In order to strengthen the maintenance of Chinese brands. Car reputation, constantly improving the brand image, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers launched in 2016, composed of 18 Chinese brand enterprises 'Chinese brand passenger car company responsible person joint meeting' (ie P18 joint meeting), member companies create a common environment, Under the consensus of common progress, signed and promised to implement the "Beijing Declaration on the Self-discipline of Chinese Brand Passenger Cars Propagation" (hereinafter referred to as the "Beijing Declaration").

Since the signing of the Beijing Declaration, industry companies have paid more attention to self-discipline while concentrating on self-discipline and consciously maintaining brand image. More and more enterprises have begun to enter the high-end brand market. But for a long time, the whole industry has been deeply affected by black media, Blackwater. Army hazards. They deliberately discredit the Chinese brand image, deliberately misleading consumers and profiting from it. Especially in the special period when consumers' willingness to purchase is weakened and the industry growth slows down, it has a bad influence on the Chinese brand image. In this regard, the association On October 29, P18 member companies were urgently convened to hold a special teleconference to communicate the relevant situation, listen to industry opinions and suggestions, and revisit the Beijing Declaration. The participating companies agreed that the industry should solemnly declare and resolutely oppose the black media, Blackwater Army. Unscrupulous behavior, at the same time, the company itself should further strengthen public relations and marketing self-discipline, so that no one can take advantage of inorganic.

The association called on industry companies to jointly condemn the black media, Blackwater Army deliberately discredited the bad behavior of Chinese brand image, and will take effective measures under the guidance of the competent government departments to effectively prevent and resolutely crack down. The association called on industry enterprises to jointly maintain the image of Chinese brand cars. Continue to seriously implement the spirit of the Beijing Declaration, and contribute to building a healthy network and public opinion environment, shouldering the responsibility.

To be a good brand, we need quality to accumulate over the years, and our reputation has been a long-term success. As we see the results, we need to further benchmark the bids, make up the shortcomings, and make continuous progress. Chinese brand cars are confident that they will go hand in hand with international brands in the near future. We sincerely hope that consumers, ethical media and public opinion from all walks of life will give full care, understanding and support, positively promote Chinese brand automobile products, and work together to realize the dream of China's automobile power!

Attachment: "Beijing Declaration on Self-discipline of Chinese Brand Passenger Cars"

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers

China Brand Passenger Vehicle Enterprise Leaders Association

November 2, 2018


Chinese brand passenger car spread self-discipline Beijing Declaration

In order to promote the mutual unity of Chinese brand passenger car companies, strengthen communication, create a harmonious and healthy public opinion environment, and jointly promote the progress of Chinese brand passenger cars, the company promises:

First, objectively face the complex public opinion environment in the social media era, start from the self, and make solid internal strengths, enhance brand competitiveness by improving product quality, serving users and other aspects, and win market reputation.

Second, rationally guide consumption, objectively evaluate Chinese brand passenger cars, and not publish speeches or articles attacking Chinese brand auto companies on various media channels such as television, newspapers, radio, internet, WeChat, etc. Competitor network forums are maliciously smashed, discrediting Chinese manufacturers and models.

Third, in the company's 4S shop and exhibition hall, from the sales speech requirements and guide sales consultants to objectively introduce products, do not attack each other between Chinese brands.

Fourth, agree to organize enterprises, industry experts, famous media people, etc. as reviewers, form an independent third-party review body, conduct anti-arbitration and mutual defamation between relevant Chinese brands, and implement arbitration to play a supervisory role.

5. The boycott and condemnation of unscrupulous media deliberately discrediting Chinese brands, network water forces, related organizations and individuals, do not advertise to these institutions, cooperate, and retain the right to pursue legal means.

6. To boycott inefficient, non-value-added exhibitions, avoid passive participation, waste resources such as manpower and material resources.

November 21, 2016

Guangzhou, China